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November 2011

b2b2dot0 launches SAP-integrated ecommerce site for Office Relief

Welcome to the Corevist family! We’re excited to announce the successful launch of a completely redesigned e-commerce site that features real-time SAP integration for Office Relief, one of the world’s leading ergonomic product suppliers.
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The Slippery Slope of SAP Disconnected B2B ecommerce Websites

If people can't talk to one another in real time it shouldn't come as a big surprise that the systems they design can't either. Real time integration of ecommerce websites to SAP isn't as much a technical challenge as it is a political one. Until organizations decide that global business goals take priority of local organizational ones, our B2B ecommerce industry is going to see a lot more waste of human capital. Today's blog post gives a glimpse into this disconnect.
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Is B2B eCommerce Finally Coming of Age?

According to this April 2010 article in the DemandGen Report, B2B ecommerce is indeed finally coming of age.
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