Manufacturer ecommerce has big shoes to fill. You have existing relationships with distributors and customers. You have legacy business processes. Ecommerce has to meet everyone’s needs while making your operation more efficient. On top of it all, you need a real-time integration to SAP so everyone gets the One True Truth about business data–things like inventory availability, contract pricing, credit limits, and more.

It sounds like a tall order–but manufacturers all over the globe are leveraging wholesale ecommerce to become easier to do business with. Even better, they’re integrating to SAP in real time with Corevist Commerce.



Selling adhesive dispensers may seem like an unlikely candidate for wholesale e-commerce. With multiple options for each machine and hefty price tags to boot, this market has traditionally gone through phone/fax/email to negotiate and close sales. How can eCommerce possibly fit this segment? Actually, with a configurable productions integration through Configit, an eCommerce store can provide customers with self-service configuration and saved carts–which can be placed in SAP as request-for-quotes or orders, depending on your needs. The result is greater convenience for your customer and greater market share for you.


In a high reorder market like chemicals, a wholesale e-commerce platform is a breath of fresh air. Customers who regularly reorder the same SKUs can save carts for later. Repeat order placement is as easy as one click. With live inventory quantities displayed in the eCommerce store and orders posted to SAP in real time, your B2B chemical business will see faster order-to-cash, happier customers, and a better bottom line.



Can you really sell flooring to contractors with eCommerce? Absolutely! In fact, contractors love having the ability to browse your catalog on their own time, configure their flooring options, and place orders themselves. eCommerce makes you easier to do business with for busy contractors and construction firms. The result is more product sold, error-free orders posted to SAP, and happy customers coming back for more.



Packaging machines are big, highly configurable, and expensive. How could you possibly sell them through eCommerce? Actually, you’d be surprised. With a Configit integration, you can offer self-service product configuration using VC data straight from SAP. You can allow request-for-quote placement from eCommerce or full order placement. Even better, you can offer your full catalog of replacement parts. You can even display the appropriate replacement parts as a personalized catalog when the user logs in, leveraging data that you already have in SAP. The result is a smoother order-to-cash process, bigger market share for you, and happier customers.



As a B2B seller of technology, you enable your customers to stay on the front edge of innovation. Why not keep your order-to-cash process just as innovative? With an eCommerce store integrated to SAP in real time, you can phase out inefficient order placement methods like phone/fax/email. The result is more sales of innovative technology, greater market share, and simplified business processes.

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Manufacturer Ecommerce

Getting Order Errors via Phone/Fax/Email?

The world is moving to digital commerce. In the manufacturing industry, that’s been a challenge—but it’s easier than you might think. Corevist Commerce lets manufacturers offer self-service web ordering to their customers. With 100% error-free orders posted to SAP, what’s not to love?

If you’re looking for a wholesale ecommerce platform that’s perfect for manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place. Corevist Commerce makes manufacturer ecommerce easier than ever before.


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