If we were running B2C sites, we’d be #27 on the Internet Retailer Top 500

If b2b2dot0 was B2C…

Earlier this year, we blogged about the fact that Forrester Research says that US B2B eCommerce will be twice as large as B2C eCommerce in 2013.

That made us wonder….If we were processing B2C orders, where we would rank on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide?

So, we ran some reports for this past month, and this year to date.  We looked at the following data:

  • Total revenue processed on our clients’ B2B eCommerce sites
  • Total orders placed on our clients’ B2B eCommerce sites
  • Total number of real-time SAP interactions (between our clients’ SAP systems and their B2B eCommerce sites)
  • Total number of countries, currencies, and languages our B2B eCommerce sites support.

Once we crunched the numbers, we were somewhat surprised to find that if we were processing B2C orders, we would rank somewhere around #27 on the Internet Retailer 500.  That puts us alongside Kohls.com and Overstock.com.

This bit of insight inspired us to create the graphic you see below.

Stay tuned for an updated chart each month.

B2B eCommerce Transactions - Nov. 2012
B2B eCommerce Transactions – Nov. 2012

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