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Sam Bayer


Happy Anniversary!

January 8, 2016

I’m proud to be celebrating our 8th anniversary today.  I’m pretty certain that this is the longest I’ve ever worked at the same place.  In the first 20+ years of my professional career either I got bored after three years or got fired for disagreeing with my bosses.  I guess neither has happened at Corevist yet :-).

Time does fly though.  It literally seems like yesterday when Joe Pryor, Adrian Zehnder and I got together and decided to reconverge our paths and take another run at the SAP B2B eCommerce space.  With the help of Adrienne Wilson and Justin Diana and we launched the company and nurtured it to where it is today.

I could spend this whole blog post gushing over how exhilarating it’s been to work with Ray Mannion, Nathan Leach and Chris Stingl and how excited I am about the prospects of working more with Danielle Splendore, Noah Scribner, Damian Delavecchia, Ilona Sher and Michael Czerniak.  I could acknowledge the relationships that we’ve built up with so many different clients, suppliers and partners and how that has made working here an incredible experience.

Shoot, I could even gush about my two grandchildren who weren’t even born when we started Corevist.

But I won’t.

What I want to do today is simply reflect on 8 random things, that we’ve either said or heard over the course of this chapter in our history, that have struck me as memorable.  Here they go in no particular order:

  1. On using calendars. “Why do we need a company calendar? if we want to speak with one another we can just do it.” Seriously??? 
  2. On our product roadmap. “When we’re done building our product, then what are we going to do with our time?” As if.
  3. On collaboration. “Do we really need to get together physically. Why can’t we just have a skype call?” Recently heard at the end of one of our weekly virtual meetings  “when is the next time we’re getting together?”
  4. On prioritizing new features. “Why do they need a catalog? Can’t we just find clients that want what we have?” Without our decision to integrate Magento into the Corevist platform, we would have stopped growing at the tender age of 2.
  5. On partnering with SAP. “When will they understand that we truly are here to help them?” see Don Quixote and tilting at windmills.
  6. On professional project managers. “Why do we need them? All they are going to do is slow us down”. lmao
  7. On profit sharing. “Startups aren’t supposed to have profits. Plow it all back into the business”. We do. Our people.
  8. On do it yourselfers. “We’ve got abap programmers and Web developers on staff, they can easily build what you’ve got”. Evidently not.  They’re baaaacck!

I’ve blown out the candles and made my wish.

Happy Birthday Corevist!