Fire Your SAP Implementation Firm – Hire a Partner

Why you should fire and hire

That’s what my friend Don Whittington, who is the CIO of Florida Crystals, just did.  He just fired CAP Gemini and hired VirtusStream to host and support his SAP system.  According to this article, this is why Don made the decision to work with a smaller “boutique” firm:

“Their idea is to come in and deliver on a project. Typically they’re very good at doing that,” Whittington said. “[But] folks would come off a project and go on to the next project, the next customer, and we’d lose some of that knowledge.”

Don’s bottom line is that he wanted a true relationship with a partner, as opposed to a resource to turn to, when he had staffing needs for a project.

For the record, while “partner churn” appears to be a very common phenomenon in the SAP Consulting Industry, we at b2b2dot0 have a 100% contract renewal rate.  That’s not only because our clients love the capabilities and reliability of our software, but they love the ongoing support and collaboration that is part of our DNA.

We’re different at b2b2dot0 for two reasons, our people and our business model.

From a people perspective, we take our work personally.  Work isn’t just a paycheck for us or a way to build a resume.  It might sound like a cliche, but this literally is our company and we all share in it’s success (and disappointments).

From a business model perspective, we remain the industry’s only pure-play Cloud provider of B2B ecommerce Websites for the SAP market.  That’s it.  That’s all we do.  And our contracts are all written so that our compensation only becomes meaningful if we can maintain our clients as clients for long periods of time.

So…if you want to organize a project to build yourself a B2B ecommerce website, you’ve got plenty of software companies and consulting organizations that would love to sell you their wares.  But if you want a true partner that will have your back over the long haul, you probably should be talking to us.


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Sam Bayer founded Corevist in 2008 and served as CEO until his retirement in 2022. During his tenure, his mission was to capitalize on the convergence of the growing popularity of Cloud delivered services and the consumerization of B2B ecommerce to build a company that delivers real value to his clients and a great place to work for his team.