Need to automate email orders?

Our BuyBot add-on posts error-free PDF orders to SAP through your Corevist infrastructure. It also routes problem orders to Customer Service for review.

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OrderBot | B2B eCommerce Add-on | Corevist, Inc.

It’s hard to eliminate email orders.

While eCommerce and EDI offer a better experience for customers (and a lower cost to serve), some customers may keep emailing PDFs to place orders. Whether they’re exporting PDFs from procurement software, or just following tradition, they may hesitate to adopt other ordering methods.

What if you could automatically post error-free email orders to SAP—without the high cost of manual order review and SAP order entry?

Welcome to Corevist BuyBot.

Extend Corevist Commerce with BuyBot. Our add-on solution reads PDF orders attached to emails. If there are no order errors, BuyBot places the order automatically through your Corevist Commerce infrastructure.

If the order contains errors, BuyBot rejects it and emails the original document to your Customer Service team for review. Your CSRs only deal with problem orders, while BuyBot posts error-free orders to SAP, no human touch required.

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BuyBot Features


– Seamless PDF order parsing

– Error-free orders post to SAP automatically

– Problem orders sent to Customer Service

– Multiple PDFs accepted per email message

– Incoming emails differentiated by sold-to

– All relevant SAP business rules enforced

– Invisible to customers

– 24×7 email order processing

Benefits Of BuyBot

✓ Reduce your cost to serve

Free up CSR time to perform higher-value tasks while BuyBot processes routine orders.


✓ Reduce costly order errors

BuyBot flags problematic orders so CSRs can resolve issues before the order ships out.


✓ Satisfy customers

Error-free orders process and ship out faster with BuyBot’s automatic posting to SAP ERP.


Add BuyBot to Corevist Commerce

BuyBot supplements your Corevist Commerce solution. Our full commerce suite gives your users everything they need to do business with you online—with all relevant SAP business rules enforced:

  • Product catalog
  • Easy online ordering
  • Self-service order tracking
  • Self-service invoice payments and account management

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