Need to Automate Email Orders?

Corevist BuyBot reads PDF orders via email and posts them to SAP ERP without errors. Reduce your cost to serve and give your reps more time to build customer relationships.


Are Your Reps Overwhelmed With Email Orders?

Whether customers are exporting PDFs from procurement software, or just following tradition, they may hesitate to adopt more efficient ordering methods.

What if you could automatically post error-free email orders to SAP—without the high cost of manual order review and SAP order entry?

Welcome To Corevist BuyBot.

Automate your email order posting with Corevist BuyBot. Our solution reads incoming PDF orders attached to emails. After contextualizing and enriching the order with the relevant SAP data, BuyBot posts the order to SAP without errors—no human intervention required.

If the incoming order contains errors, BuyBot logs it for manual review by customer service. Your reps deal only with problem orders, leaving more time for building customer relationships.

BuyBot is a managed, cloud-hosted solution maintained by Corevist’s SAP experts.

Benefits Of BuyBot

✓ Reduce your cost to serve

Free up CSR time to perform higher-value tasks while BuyBot processes routine orders.

✓ Reduce costly order errors

BuyBot flags problematic orders so customer service reps can resolve issues promptly.

✓ Satisfy customers

Error-free orders process and ship out faster with BuyBot’s automatic posting to SAP ERP.

What Does BuyBot Do?

– Seamless PDF order parsing
– Error-free orders post to SAP automatically
– Problem orders logged for Customer Service
– Multiple PDFs accepted per email message

– Incoming emails differentiated by sold-to
– All relevant SAP business rules enforced
– Invisible to customers
– 24×7 email order processing

Our Templates Set You Up For Success.

Our standard BuyBot package comes with 5 templates to support your order types. Template-based processing allows maximum accuracy without driving up costs. The key is our powerful data contextualization. With BuyBot referencing key fields and autopopulating information as needed, you’re set up for success—and our SAP experts support and maintain your solution.

Fix Email Orders Today.

Launch B2B ecommerce tomorrow.
Start with email orders, then expand with B2B portals and ecommerce on the Corevist Platform.
We’ve got product editions for every use case—and leg of the journey.

Start with Launch

Not ready for online ordering? Corevist Launch offers order and invoice tracking. You can stick with Launch or expand to Grow when you’re ready.

Upgrade to Corevist Grow

Get everything from Launch plus online ordering (including conversion of quotes to orders), simple catalogs, and price and availability checks.

Upgrade to Corevist Scale

Get everything from Grow plus rich product content, configurable products, related products, advanced features, and 3rd-party integrations.

Automate Email Orders Without Burdening IT.

Managed | SaaS | Fully integrated

BuyBot runs on Corevist’s prebuilt, real-time SAP integration. Because it’s integrated right out of the box, you don’t need 3rd-party connectors or additional vendors. And since all Corevist solutions are managed, BuyBot doesn’t require in-house resources to run it.

In other words, your IT team will love us.

If you’re migrating to S/4HANA, you’re in luck. Corevist’s integration follows you from ECC—with minimal IT involvement. Why wait to solve your customer service problem?

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