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b2b2dot0 is now a Magento Partner

RALEIGH, NC (Dec. 3, 2012) – b2b2dot0 – a software company that provides cloud-based eCommerce solutions for companies that run their enterprise on SAP® — today announced that it is now a Magento Silver Industry Partner. Magento is a leading eCommerce platform provider with over 125,000 merchants worldwide and is a part of X.commerce, eBay Inc’s platform division.

“We make it easy for our clients to extend the power of their SAP investment to the web,” said Sam Bayer, CEO of b2b2dot0. “By definition, the types of business-to-business relationships that manufacturers and distributors have with their customers are very complex. They involve custom catalogs, negotiated contract prices, and special ordering and shipping rules. That means that a one-size-fits-all eCommerce website can’t work. The B2B sites we build for our clients honor those complex relationships and create a very personalized experience for their customers.”

Bayer said, “For more than 14 years, we’ve been integrating SAP with the web, but interface design and content management have always been an issue. Magento has bridged that gap. We use Magento to provide an excellent user experience with rich product content, while we use our cloud-based application to integrate with SAP in real-time for transactional rules and data.”

“Through the Magento platform, we can offer our clients true ‘multi-channel’ eCommerce. Now they can have a more friendly B2B solution and a world-class B2C site – all integrated with SAP – using the same eCommerce platform,” Bayer said.

“Our clients love Magento because of the widespread availability of extensions that can affordably enhance their websites. All other ‘proprietary solutions’ lock them into a certain vendor and a much smaller service provider ecosystem that artificially inflates the overall project costs.”

“By contrast, our cloud-based application, in combination with the Magento platform, creates an unrivaled option for companies looking to reduce the cost of B2B eCommerce and leverage their SAP investment.” Bayer said. “According to our research, there aren’t any other solution providers that can offer more B2B eCommerce functionality, in less time, for less cost than we do.”


About b2b2dot0
b2b2dot0 helps manufacturers and distributors who run SAP to improve the online B2B order-to-cash process for their customers. b2b2dot0 is committed to leveraging open-source technologies, like Magento eCommerce, and integrating them with SAP.

b2b2dot0’s SAP-integrated solution leverages existing SAP installations to provide seamless eCommerce functionality faster, less expensively, and with lower risk than building a custom website or heavily customizing existing software products. b2b2dot0 is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with offices in Colorado, New York, and Switzerland. For more information, call 919-676-7429 or visit

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