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January 2021

The Kimono Effect: Exposing SAP for eCommerce

“If We are Going to Open Our Kimono… …we had better look good!” –Tomo Razmilovic, President of Symbol Technologies. The year was 1999. Mr. Razmilovic was challenging his management team to expose their SAP system to customers through integrated eCommerce. … Continued
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2021 B2B Ecommerce Trends | COVID-19 Impact & More

B2B Ecommerce Trends: 2021/COVID-19 Originally published December 4, 2019. Updated for COVID-19 B2B ecommerce trends 1/21/2021. B2B ecommerce is changing fast in 2021. Every industry that purchases physical goods is grappling with new procurement procesess in light of the COVID-19 … Continued
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Simplifying Your Ordering Processes To Increase Efficiency

Driving efficiency in order entry methods In the post-COVID economy, manufacturers are striving for efficiency. That’s especially true when it comes to order entry methods. Many manufacturers still depend on phone, fax, and email to take orders from customers. COVID … Continued
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