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April 2019

Got Technical Debt In B2B Ecommerce? Stop Digging That Hole!

Photo courtesy of Lance Cpl. Fredrick J. Coleman, public domain. How to prevent technical debt A recent tweet from IT thought leader Wayne Sadin captured a sentiment that’s essential for CIOs considering the future of B2B ecommerce at their organizations. … Continued
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The #1 Question That Drives B2B Ecommerce Success

The Best Question in B2B Ecommerce It’s a well-known fact that intelligent goal setting drives results. Whether it’s the OKR method that Google used to scale up, the classic SMART goal system, or another method, all great goal systems have … Continued
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Syncing With Customer Needs: What Manufacturers Can Do

Meeting Buyer Needs As Forrester predicted at the end of last year, the B2B e-commerce market has indeed passed the $1 trillion mark. In the new 2019 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report, Digitalcommerce360 sets that number at $1.08 trillion. For … Continued
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6 E-commerce Assumptions Holding Manufacturers Back

6 common B2B e-commerce assumptions At Corevist, we’ve seen our share of missed opportunities in B2B e-commerce. Nine times out of ten, these missed opportunities happen because of assumptions manufacturers make–about their customers, their employees, and what it’s like to … Continued
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