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November 2016

Intershop Releases 2016 B2B eCommerce Report

News flash.  B2B eCommerce has arrived. Intershop’s latest market research offering, “Designed to evaluate the current state-of-play of digital B2B commerce today”, opens by declaring that “…B2B businesses have firmly grasped the potential of online digital commerce”.  Firms that have adopted … Continued
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Caution. Integrating SAP to Magento Is Life Threatening!

Skip the heart attack, talk to Corevist! SAP manufacturers are finding out that integrating Magento to SAP is the best way to bring eCommerce to their customers. But it’s no simple matter. This is a quote from a LinkedIn message that … Continued
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Welcome to our new Director of Sales, Ariel Mordetsky!

Ariel Mordetsky, is settling into his new role as Director of Sales at Corevist, and enjoying the process along the way. “This is truly an employee-owned environment where we all get feedback and can communicate with each other openly. After experiencing the startup space over the years, it has been refreshing to come into this environment knowing that many of the policies and procedures are already in place and well documented. It sets our whole team up for success so that we can handle anything that’s thrown our way,” he says.
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Cloudcraze Reveals 94% of B2B Leaders Have Order Errors

Cloudcraze Alternatives If you’re looking for a Cloudcraze alternative, this stat will might bug you. Cloudcraze reports a 94% Order Error Rate among B2B Leaders. That’s a lot of errors in your B2B orders!  Cloudcraze’s March 2016 survey of 340 … Continued
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