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February 2015

Agile Rules for Failure at Corevist

Staying Agile at Corevist “Der mentsh trakht und Gott lakht” – Man plans and god laughs. That proverb separates the Agilists of the world from the Traditionalists. Agilists truly believe that you can spend as much time as you’d like … Continued
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Revenue from Bell and Howell’s SAP® eCommerce site grows 8x in first 6 months

In June, 2014, Bell and Howell launched a new B2B eCommerce system that relies on Corevist's cloud-based solution for real-time SAP integration. Now, just over 6 months later, the site is generating 8 times the revenue it generated after it launched.
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5 Lessons Learned from B2B Integrations of SAP® with Magento and hybris

hybris vs. Magento: Integration Evaluation Last updated 8/5/19. When you’re comparing hybris vs. Magento, where do you start? If you’re running SAP ERP, this question should always start with an evaluation of each platform’s SAP integration capabilities. Here’s why it … Continued
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A hybris Partner’s view of Corevist’s SAP® Connector

What does a hybris partner think of Corevist? I had the privilege of briefing the CEO of one of SAP® hybris’ biggest integration partners today.  The best way to verify that you are communicating with someone is to read what … Continued
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