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April 2012

b2b2dot0 CEO featured in Forbes magazine article

b2b2dot0 in the news again! Recently our very own CEO was featured in an article on, Radical Management & Startups: Ignite Your Inner Bushwhacker. We’re proud to wear the “radical” label and to be featured in Steve Denning’s book … Continued
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Why Integrating Magento with SAP will bring Peace to your Organization

Let’s end the data wars I’ve spoken to scores of Manufacturing organizations in the last 5 years.  At the risk of oversimplifying what I’ve learned, they are all lopsided…politically.  There is no peace in the Executive Suite.  One of three … Continued
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Fire Your SAP Implementation Firm – Hire a Partner

Why you should fire and hire That’s what my friend Don Whittington, who is the CIO of Florida Crystals, just did.  He just fired CAP Gemini and hired VirtusStream to host and support his SAP system.  According to this article, … Continued
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