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March 2010

ThinkStrategies’ Evaluation of b2b2dot0’s SAP Hybrid Cloud Offering

How b2b2dot0 stacks up as a SaaS solution Several weeks ago, Jeffrey Kaplan of ThinkStrategies published a challenge to Cloud Vendors for 2010 in eCommerce Times.  I thought it would be fun to see how we stacked up against them, so … Continued
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Placing Spreadsheet Orders Directly into SAP

Spreadsheets for SAP orders? If you think of yourself as a car company, you’re destined to produce nothing but cars.  However, if you think of yourself as a Consumer Electronics Company, as Fast Company magazine just dubbed the Ford Motor … Continued
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I Hate Awards…Unless I Win Them!

Well, we won another one! Last year, Nordson won Progressive Manufacturer of the Year based on our SAP Integrated B2B Internet Based Order Management project.  We also won a grant from NCIDEA validating that we were (are) a promising young … Continued
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SaaS? Multitenant? ASP? Cloud? Oh My!

Why Solution Architecture Matters I’ve resisted writing about this topic for the past two years because I didn’t think it really mattered.  After all, who cares how we architect our application and hosting infrastructure?
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