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July 2009

Opening the SAP B2B Kimono – Update

Opening the SAP Kimono – Part II Last February I posted a blog entry entitled “If we are going to open our Kimono…” that dealt with the impact of exposing your SAP system, and internal business processes, to the web.  … Continued
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Looking Backwards and Forwards 2

Looking Backwards The overall theme for the last quarter was “languages”. And we did implement an additional language (French) including the required infrastructure to translate the app efficiently in all it’s aspects: buttons, labels, messages etc. Pretty soon we’re going … Continued
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9 Steps to Building a B2B Business Case

How to build a B2B business case for ecommerce I didn’t write this article.  I wish I did, and I know I could, but someone at Sterling Commerce already did, so why not just give them the credit and make … Continued
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