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October 2008

Help desk etiquette

The First Help Desk Call Our customers will attest to how patient we are when it comes time to support them.
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Is outsourcing your eCommerce website right for you?

Should you outsource your B2B ecommerce website? Outsourcing your eCommerce website is not for everyone.
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Total Cost of Ownership of On Premises versus SaaS Applications

SaaS vs. On Premise TCO The good news is that all of our potential clients eventually come to the same conclusion about our SAP® Integrated B2B sellside eCommerce solution.  The words “your solution is perfect” or “it’s just what we … Continued
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What is world class customer service?

Defining customer service I had a terrible dining experience this week that really got me to thinking about customer service and why I love being a part of b2b2dot0.
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