Configurable products are moving to B2B eCommerce.

60% of B2B buyers would rather not go through a sales rep to get product information.

Among all B2B buyers, 31% cite the availability of self-service product configuration as a deciding factor in where they do business.

If you sell configurable products, you need to empower customers to configure them in B2B eCommerce.

Yet it’s difficult to bring SAP variant configuration to B2B eCommerce.

B2B eCommerce with configurable products requires a deep integration to SAP. You have to account for every configurable variant, and the solution must reject invalid configurations with clear messages to the user.

Solutions like these are difficult to build in-house, and B2B eCommerce vendors don’t specialize in SAP VC integration.

What if you could give customers the ability to do variant configuration in B2B eCommerce?

SAP B2B eCommerce makes life easier for your distribution partners

Welcome to Corevist Commerce
with Variant Configuration.

B2B eCommerce which integrates to SAP variant configuration

Corevist Commerce is a next-generation B2B eCommerce solution built on a direct, real-time integration to SAP.

To support SAP variant configuration, we’ve partnered with ConfigAir, the leader in 3D product configuration and visualization. ConfigAir + Corevist brings the power of self-service configuration to your web channel.

It’s true self-service configuration in B2B eCommerce for instant online ordering or quote request.

CPQ Buying Solutions with SAP VC Data | Corevist

Real-time SAP variant configuration in B2B eCommerce.

Because Corevist is built on a real-time integration to SAP, product configuration in B2B eCommerce is 100% driven by SAP variant configuration rules. Your customers can perform the same configurations through self-service which Sales and Customer Service can do in SAP.

Simplify your variant configuration
ordering process thru B2B eCommerce

How do you process orders today for configurable products?

Whether you rely on phone/fax/email, a standalone ordering portal, or a solution with batch integration to SAP, Corevist Commerce + SAP variant configuration offers a powerful alternative.

No middleman transferring data. No configuration errors. Just instant order posting, with configurable products 100% conformed to your SAP VC rules.

Leverage the power of B2B eCommerce for all your products.

Corevist isn’t just for configurable products.

Our solutions empower you to sell all your products online, whether configurable or not, through B2B eCommerce.

But we don’t stop with the browsing and buying experience. Our solutions also cover order tracking, account management, and invoice payment capabilities—all integrated to your SAP system in real time.

Best Practices for SAP Variant
Configuration in B2B eCommerce

For manufacturers who’ve implemented SAP variant configuration, a challenge arises in the age of self-service online ordering: How do you empower customers to configure and buy through self-service?

The challenge is complex. Here are 3 things to keep in mind as you craft a self-service solution integrated to SAP VC (Click to jump):

1. Choose an SAP VC integrated solution with a great UX

2. Choose a partner who knows SAP

3. Take stock of your SAP VC data before the project starts

1. Choose an SAP VC integrated solution with a great UX

No doubt about it, SAP variant configuration was designed for internal use. Product attributes are complex, and the number of possible variants is often quite large—with only a subset of those being valid configurations of the product.

SAP VC wasn’t designed for customer interaction. However, it is the ultimate authority on configurable product data.

Therefore, if you’re going to empower customers to configure variants online, you need a secure, foolproof way for them to interact with SAP VC.

This is the thinking behind Corevist Variant Configuration + ConfigAir, integrated to SAP VC. It’s a clean, modern, self-service interface that talks to SAP VC in real time—and provides 3D visualization of the configured product. This inspires buyer confidence and ultimately helps you sell more.

2. Choose a partner who knows SAP (and variant configuration)

While the market is full of B2B eCommerce platforms, most vendors don’t have deep expertise in SAP (let alone the nuances of SAP variant configuration). If you choose a conventional, standalone B2B eCommerce platform, you’ll need a third party to integrate your configurable product experience with SAP VC.

Corevist is different. We are SAP experts with over 300,000 hours of collective experience implementing eCommerce integrated to SAP. What’s more, we’ve partnered with ConfigAir to bring your SAP-VC-integrated user experience to the web channel.

We offer everything you need to get your web channel up and running with configurable products:

  • The platform, Corevist Commerce.
  • The integration to SAP, including variant configuration.
  • The implementation.
  • The configurable product experience, for which we use ConfigAir, integrated to Corevist Commerce and SAP variant configuration.

3. Take stock of your SAP VC data before the project starts

Here’s where the Corevist approach stands out. Before any papers are signed, we conduct a technical review call with your SAP specialist(s) to understand how your business works today in SAP. This includes your OTC (order-to-cash) process, plus the way you use SAP variant configuration, if applicable.

This call lays the groundwork for the scope of your project. It also gives you visibility into any clutter or unnecessary complications in your SAP VC configuration. With this information in hand, you can clean up SAP variant configuration as necessary before launching a VC-integrated self-service solution.

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