Magento B2B & SAP – Better together

B2B manufacturers and distributors are waking up to the e-commerce landscape. They’re realizing that every software vendor has strengths and weaknesses. Rather than buying big packages, they’re choosing best-of-breed solutions and seeking lean, efficient integrations. With its powerful business rules and flexibility, SAP excels at ERP data management. Meanwhile, Forrester calls Magento B2B a “leader.” Why not bring these phenomenal platforms together?

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Bringing together the best of SAP and Magento B2B.


$0.78 on the dollar of global commerce touches an SAP system. Clearly, SAP is the king of ERP, especially when it comes to the B2B midmarket. Likewise, Magento has demonstrated a groundbreaking commitment to marrying B2C user experience to the complexity of B2B. But SAP isn’t an e-commerce system, and Magento B2B isn’t an ERP. Why not connect these platforms and run SAP-integrated e-commerce with a Magento B2B store?

SAP with Magento B2B Integration Highlights

Real-time SAP Data in Magento B2B

Many companies build a standalone Magento B2B store alongside their legacy SAP system. They depend on batch synchronization to maintain consistent data between the two platforms. But this can lead to problems. Orders that wait to post to SAP can encounter errors that require human follow-up with the customer. A customer may exceed their credit limit without realizing it.

Why not reduce batch synchronization and use real-time web services to sync the two platforms? The Corevist solution provides 100% error-free order posting to SAP, live inventory levels, up-to-the-minute credit checks, and much more. The result is a faster, smoother order-to-cash process for your business.

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Magento B2B Catalog

SAP was designed before the age of Amazon. It was built to run your business, and it does, with flying colors. But what if you want to offer products in a user-friendly online catalog? Enter Magento B2B! This best-of-breed e-commerce solution lets B2B marketers control branding and merchandising in their catalog. The result is a B2B e-commerce solution that talks to SAP in real time AND displays the rich product data that B2B buyers expect in an Amazon world.

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Headless or with Corevist Commerce

A real-time SAP e-commerce integration comes in two forms: headless, which integrates to Magento B2B or any other e-commerce CMS; and Corevist Modular Commerce, which offers a suite of 4 apps designed specifically for B2B manufacturers. The result is one-size-fits-YOU B2B e-commerce that wins in the world of Amazon.

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