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The Corevist Platform empowers your sales reps to sell better from any device, with customer-specific catalogs, instant order placement, & more.

Integrated to S/4HANA or ECC.

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Sales has evolved in the digital age.

Manufacturers’ reps need real-time access to customer pricing, inventory data, and order history—plus the ability to place orders from any device. The data lives in SAP ERP, yet mobile access to SAP is tricky, and reps don’t want to battle SAP GUI during a sales call.

What if your reps could place orders for customers in real time, from any device, with all SAP business rules enforced?

Welcome to the Corevist Platform.

SAP-integrated commerce, ready for your reps.

The Corevist Platform is built on a real-time integration to SAP ERP. For each customer assigned to the Sales rep in SAP, Corevist provides 100% accurate pricing, inventory, and more.

  • Easily switch between assigned customer accounts
  • See each customer’s pricing, inventory, credit status, and more in real time
  • Place orders in real time, 100% conformed to the customer’s business rules
  • Works on any device

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Sales solutions for every industry:


Online ordering for reps in medical/pharma, both in person and in the office.


Easy on-behalf-of ordering for industrial manufacturers’ sales reps.


Seamless order placement for chemical sales reps, on any device.


Easy on-behalf-of transactions for sales reps in consumer packaged goods.


Mobile-ready sales portal for reps selling replacement parts to customers.


On-behalf-of ordering for sales reps selling commercial products and materials.

Modern Sales made easy.

The Corevist Platform offers:



– SSO integration


– Multi-customer management


– Instant online ordering


– Customer-specific catalogs


– Customer-specific pricing


– Discounts/promos


– Personalized inventory


– Related products


– Smart SKU subsitution


– Product comparison


– Clickable diagrams (opt.)


– CPQ (optional)


– Requested delivery dates


– Order, shipment, & credit status


– View/pay open items & invoices

“We wanted to start with something for our salesforce and introduce it to our customers… but we knew that if we started with our CRM, we would end up with customers on one platform and sales reps on another.”


–Brian Poole, Sr. Dir., IT Enterprise Architecture, Bioventus


Learn how the Corevist Platform delivered.

Bioventus needed a mobile-ready Sales portal for their reps—but the solution also had to work for customers in Phase II. Bioventus chose Corevist for a scalable solution. The result? Reps love the Corevist Platform, and it’s been rolled out to customers, too—all without increasing the workload on Bioventus’ IT team.



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