Pre-Contract Due Diligence

The real secret to our success, and our ability to commit to fixed-price, fixed-time projects is our 2-hour due diligence meeting.

Before any contracts are signed, we host a 2-hour walkthrough with your lead CSR and / or SD Functional Expert.

Based on our findings in this meeting, we produce a report that outlines the scope of work required to launch your order management portal in 90 days.

2-Day Kickoff Meeting

After the Due Diligence has been completed and contracts are signed, your project starts with a 2-Day Kickoff Workshop.

This is the only on-site meeting we’ll ever conduct.  That means no additional travel costs, and no long and painful “all hands” meetings.

At the end of this 2-day workshop, we’re 80% done.  In fact, within 48 hours after we gain VPN access, you can start processing web orders into your SAP system — in real-time.

Collaborate & Iterate

Once we have your working demo in place and processing orders, we start asking one simple question that we’ll repeat throughout the project, “Why can’t this go into production today?”

Every time we ask, we uncover a list of reasons.  Those reasons become the Change Request Log in our online collaboration portal.

This portal gives your entire team a way to log changes and view real-time progress towards your 90-day go-live date.

Rollout Incrementally

Even if your system isn’t ready for prime time, we can help you extend the immediate benefits of SAP solution-integrated eCommerce to selected customers or internal departments while you work behind the scenes to improve your sell-side data integrity.

Our Agile and incremental method allows you to segment your user base into distinct groups, with different needs.

Instead of driving towards one huge, hard-to-manage rollout, we focus on satisfying the specific needs of  smaller groups.  Our goal with each iteration is to help you prioritize efforts towards power users first, then casual users later.

Adapt & Evolve

We stick around long after the first 90 days.

In fact, our cloud-based business model was specifically designed to adapt and change as your SAP solution matures and your business evolves.

Read some of our Use Cases for real-world examples of how we’ve responded to unique requirements of our clients.