SAP Ecommerce That Satisfies Every Stakeholder.

Dealers wanted to buy online. Marketing wanted rich content. IT wanted Magento. Here’s how we delivered.

PARI partnered with Corevist to develop and launch a web-based B2B ordering system that featured real-time integration with SAP ECC 6.0.

The 106-year old company with a global footprint develops, manufacturers and distributes respiratory care products.

The PARI story is one of those projects that easily could have been plagued by competing interests and agendas, but wasn’t.


  • B2B customers got the online ordering system they requested.
  • US marketing department got the Magento-based website they wanted.
  • CSRs shifted away from manual order entry.
  • German-based SAP team maintained SAP system integrity (and we mostly left them alone to do their jobs)

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