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Corevist empowers you to replace phone, fax, and email with
online ordering & self-serve account management.

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SAP B2B eCommerce makes life easier for your distribution partners

Your customers prefer self-service ordering and account management.

97% of procurement managers demand a customer portal. Yet 30% of B2B sellers admit they don’t provide one. They force customers to use phone, fax, and email for tasks like:

  • Building and placing orders
  • Checking order status and shipment status
  • Paying invoices

Now manufacturers are taking note of customers’ expectations. Among those without an eCommerce site, 75% plan to launch one in the next 2 years (DigitalCommerce360).

The catch: Manufacturers’ transactions are complex.

B2B eCommerce has to give customers the same personalized experience which they can get by calling sales or customer service. If the portal can’t support the complexity of your transactions, customers simply won’t use it. They need:

  • Personalized contract pricing
  • Real-time inventory availability
  • Personalized catalogs and picklists
  • Real-time credit management
  • And more

To provide these critical features in your web portal, you’ll need a powerful integration to SAP ERP.


Conventional B2B platforms aren’t
built on SAP integration.

Without SAP integration at the core, a B2B platform requires a bolt-on integration to SAP in the form of middleware. Unfortunately, this architecture becomes costly to maintain, as you’ll need teams to manage all 3 systems.

This high cost can threaten the viability of your web channel.

What if your B2B platform was built on a powerful SAP integration and required no additional IT resources to maintain?

Welcome to Corevist Commerce.


Built to modernize customer experience with minimal IT effort.

Corevist Commerce is built on a rock-solid integration to SAP ERP. Every user gets a personalized experience driven by their business rules in SAP, which means accurate contract pricing, real-time inventory/ATP, personalized catalogs, personalized cross-sell/upsell, and much more.


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Corevist works for real manufacturers.

Learn how we provide revolutionary customer experience:



All-new digital channel
325% revenue growth
No additional work for IT

With the world transitioning to digital customer experience (CX), Oregon Tool was lagging behind their peers. They needed to launch and grow a new online channel for dealers & distributors. The catch: Oregon Tool couldn’t create any additional work for their IT department, so built-in SAP integration was essential.

Learn how Corevist Commerce delivered.


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