Considering SAP hybris for B2B eCommerce?

Here’s what you need to know about SAP hybris/Commerce Cloud in a B2B scenario.

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SAP hybris is an eCommerce leader.

Yet not every manufacturer needs the complexity
and cost
of SAP hybris in a B2B eCommerce scenario.

Hybris B2B | SAP Commerce Cloud for B2B Scenarios | Corevist, Inc.

Manufacturers have specialized needs in a B2B eCommerce solution, sometimes referred to as a “digital customer portal” for you dealers and distributors.

In these B2B scenarios, your customers need real-time pricing, availability, and the ability to order/request a quote through an SAP-integrated web portal. Other functionality, like the ability to manage accounts & credit, pay invoices, and get order history from all channels (EDI, phone, web, & more) is a necessity for the modern customer experience. But for some manufacturers, building and maintaining this SAP-integrated functionality in hybris may be too complex or expensive in a B2B scenario.

Problem: hybris integration to SAP ERP is costly and complex in a B2B scenario

SAP hybris wasn’t designed to start with your SAP ERP data (which is essential to create personalized transactions for your channel partners). If you need integration (as many manufacturers do), you’ll have to handle it yourself, either in-house, or with a third party. Both options are complex and expensive.

If your budget for commerce is <$300k/year, SAP hybris may be too costly in a B2B scenario—especially if you need SAP ERP integration.

What if you could launch B2B eCommerce that solves the SAP integration challenge out of the box, requires no additional IT resources, and works for your budget?

Hybris B2B Commerce | No SAP Integration Included | Corevist, Inc.

Welcome to Corevist B2B Commerce.

Hybris B2B Commerce | Choosing a right-sized solution | Corevist, Inc.

SAP-approved alternative to hybris in B2B scenarios.

Corevist Commerce is a hosted B2B eCommerce platform that extends your SAP data to your clients. Through 53 prebuilt integration points to SAP SD, customers can browse products, purchase, pay, and track orders through a friction-less online portal connected in real time with your SAP system. This all comes with minimal burden from the IT department and no need for costly middleware and data duplication.

Furthermore, we offer SAP-approved B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturers doing $500M – $5B in annual turnover. For organizations that can’t justify the complexity or cost of hybris for B2B, we’re a great alternative. Our solutions offer:

  • Standard B2B eCommerce functionality
  • PLUS order tracking & invoice payments
  • Comprehensive, real-time SAP integration included
  • No additional IT resources required
  • No middleware integration required

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Your channel partners need omnichannel order tracking.

Our solution, Corevist Order Tracking, offers real-time data from SAP for ALL orders, whether EDI, phone/fax/email, eCommerce, or another channel—including change order capabilities, as supported by your business processes.

You can launch Order Tracking in <30 days, then scale up to Corevist Commerce when you’re ready—or launch Corevist Commerce from the start, which includes Order Tracking.

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Hybris B2B Commerce | Solving the Omnichannel Order Tracking Problem | Corevist, Inc.

Hybris for B2B commerce:
A deeper dive

Hybris B2B Commerce vs. Corevist Commerce | High Level Overview | Corevist, Inc.

Successful B2B commerce
requires full SAP integration.

Corevist gives your channel partners everything
they need
to do business with you online


Hybris B2B Commerce | Missing feature: real-time inventory availability

100% accurate real-time inventory data

Dealers and distributors need 100% transparency into product availability. Corevist B2B Commerce achieves it through SAP integration.

Hybris B2B Commerce | Missing feature: real-time dynamic contract pricing

Dynamic contract pricing straight from SAP

Dealers and distributors need 100% accurate contract pricing (including dynamic scaled pricing discounts) to place orders with trust. Corevist solutions provide real-time SAP pricing.

Hybris B2B Commerce | Real-time order posting to SAP ERP

Instant order posting to SAP, error-free

Hybris doesn’t provide instant, error-free ordering posting to SAP out of the box. Corevist B2B Commerce does, with all SAP business rules enforced.

Hybris B2B Commerce | Solving the payments challenge | Corevist, Inc.

Online payments & account management

Your dealers and distributors need real-time credit status, self-serve invoice payments, and instant posting to SAP. Corevist solutions offer all of these features.

Hybris B2B Commerce | The Ominchannel Order Tracking Challenge | Corevist, Inc.

Omnichannel order tracking from all channels

Hybris B2B commerce offers web order status and tracking, but it doesn’t provide order status for ALL channels (EDI, phone, etc.) as Corevist solutions do out of the box.

That’s just the beginning.


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Hybris B2B Commerce | Achieving real-time SAP integration for B2B personalization | Corevist, Inc.

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