Can you really drive sales with a better ecommerce experience? Absolutely. Just ask Mannington Mills, leading manufacturer of commercial and residential flooring.

Prefer to read? Download the full case study PDF here.

High level topics include:

  • B2C experience for B2B customers
  • How to deliver a more intuitive process
  • Why user experience matters
  • How order and sales metrics have doubled this year since the January launch
  • Mannington’s e-commerce journey

In this webinar, we’ll look at Mannington’s experience and what it means for B2B manufacturers. In particular, we’ll go over specific use cases when an online catalog might improve sales.

Mannington knows all about this. When phone orders were pouring in, hold times were high, and they needed to add staff, Mannington decided to make a change. They empowered their customers by adding a beautiful catalog to their e-commerce portal. Johnny Campbell, Senior Manager, Customer Technology Strategy, will join us from Mannington to discuss how that new catalog has increased revenues and transactions–plus improved the look and feel of the brand.

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