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March 2015

It’s SHIPPING not Shopping that Wins in SAP® B2B eCommerce

Shipping, Not Shopping, in B2B In one of my previous posts entitled “5 Lessons Learned from B2B Integrations of SAP® with Magento and hybris” I made the point that the “consumerization-of-B2B-eCommerce” camp may be going a bit overboard with their … Continued
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Optimizing Your SAP® Integrated B2B eCommerce Website

How to optimize your SAP ecommerce website Bell and Howell’s Parts Ordering Website has now been live for almost 10 months.  In that period of time, the number of visits per day have doubled, the number of orders have quadrupled, … Continued
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If Your SAP® B2B eCommerce website is broken, fix it. If not, don’t.

If it isn’t broke… We’ve had a link to an online customer satisfaction survey on our SAP® integrated B2B eCommerce websites since day 1.  I love monitoring them as they trickle in.  Survey respondents usually fall on either end of … Continued
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