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July 2012

“Do It Yourself” SAP B2B eCommerce Is Not a Sound Business Strategy

The Dangers of DIY In the modern day IT organization, “Do It Yourself” thinking is akin to magical thinking.  With the complexities of knitting together complicated stacks of technology, compounded by the pressures of keeping the business systems current and … Continued
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B2B versus B2C eCommerce in an SAP – Magento Integrated World

How are B2B and B2C different? What are the differences between B2B eCommerce websites and B2C eCommerce websites?  Now that we’re processing over $500M worth of B2B website orders per year, my two simple answers are…NOT MUCH and HUGE. 
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Calculating the real ROI on your B2B eCommerce site

ROI calculations for B2B ecommerce If you want to know the real value of your B2B eCommerce site, you should look beyond online orders and include savings from increased operational efficiency.  Check out our infographic to see how.
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