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January 2011

Agile Software Implementation Contracts

Making Agile work for everyone involved Today’s post was originally created in response to a question posed in an Agile Business Yahoo Group that I belong to.  The question had to do with the relationship between software providers (like b2b2dot0 … Continued
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The Dark Side of On-Line Customer Services – AmEx Lays Off 1500

When downsizing happens The headline into today’s Raleigh, NC newspaper, the News and Observer (N&O) reads: “AmEx Will Cut 1,500 Jobs in Greensboro”. Why? According to the N&O article: “As customers shift to electronic bill paying and online customer service, … Continued
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b2b2dot0 2010 Year in Review according to Google Analytics

Google Analytics Recap – 2010 I’ve written often about the value of Google Analytics to our business and to our client’s business.  Today I’m going to recap how our nine client B2B microsites performed over the course of 2010 according … Continued
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