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June 2010

There’s a SaaS App For That!

An app for everything, for everything an app… A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post entitled “My Love/Hate Relationship with Internet Applications”.  Today I’m going to add two new services to my list of applications that … Continued
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Uptick in Manufacturer eCommerce Spending on the Horizon

B2B eCommerce Spending Set to Increase I just came across this Manufacturing Computer Solutions article that bodes well for our future here at b2b2dot0.  IDC Manufacturing Insights and hybris cosponsored this industry study which underscored the virtues of making the … Continued
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Google Analytics is an SAP Customer Service Agent’s Best Friend

Using Google Analytics for customer service Wouldn’t it be awesome if through some amazing telepathic feat of technology you could be alerted to the fact that one of your customers is starting to get really anxious about the delivery of … Continued
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b2b2dot0 SaaS Availability – May 2010

b2b2dot0’s SLA performance Last month I introduced our first blog post on holding us publicly accountable for our Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Today I’m going to discuss our May 2010 performance.
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