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April 2010

B2C eCommerce in an SAP Integrated World

B2B vs. B2C + SAP I’m not sure why, but over the past several weeks the marketplace has repeatedly drawn us into conversations about the B2C (business to consumer) business model.  That got me to thinking about what the B2C … Continued
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Thinking Document Management? Think Esker.

New partnership at b2b2dot0 I just came across a post with this title over at the itelligence blog.  That reminded me that I’ve yet to formally announce our relationship with Esker,which we entered into at the end of last year.  … Continued
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Increasing Revenue Via an SAP B2B Order Management Website

Rising revenue in B2B The economy must be turning around. Over the past couple of years most of our conversations were about  investing in an SAP Integrated B2B Order Management website in order to save internal operating costs.  Now we’re starting … Continued
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b2b2dot0 Sees 3565% Annual Growth in Item Sales

Sales growth for b2b2dot0’s clients Since today is tax day in the US, I figured I should do some accounting in its honor.  I did a quick scan of Google Analytics for eCommerce sales for all of our clients from … Continued
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