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December 2009

SAP Divests the EcoHub to Their User Groups

SAP’s ecosystem control I would love to see that press release title in 2010.  But I won’t. In this day and age of social marketing, Twitter, Facebook, and concepts like yelp and Angi, isn’t the SAP market mature enough to … Continued
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Confessions of a Verizon wireless International Roamer

I can write about this now… because my nightmare is over.
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John Wookey Evolves SAP’s Cloud Story

How SAP will approach the cloud Last June, six months into John Wookey’s tenure as head of SAP’s cloud offerings, I wrote about his view of the world at the time.  It was mostly based on this presentation that Mr. … Continued
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Sapience 2009 – Economic Survival for SAP Shops

Surviving this economy I hate marketing events.  I hate producing them,  I hate attending them, and I hate how they suck up energy after I get home.  But I was glad to support Helmuth Guembel in his courageous effort to … Continued
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