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April 2009

“Get Ramen Profitable”

Ramen Profitable Paul Graham, a venture capitalist and eCommerce pioneer, recently posted 13 pointers for aspiring entrepreneurs on his website.  While all 13 pointers make perfect sense to me, and I’m sure Paul would be happy to know that we … Continued
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A Real Project in Real Time – We’re Live!

Another real-time solution goes live Exactly four weeks after we signed our contract with Blount, we just published their production SAP Integrated B2B sellside eCommerce website! The next couple of days will be spent shaking down the system and inviting … Continued
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A Real Project in Real Time – Focus Group 3

Real Project, Real Time – Part III On day 18 of our SAP integrated B2B Sellside eCommerce implementation project for Blount, we presented the “ready for production” website to two Distributor organizations.  I’ve been in this business for a long … Continued
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A Brief Photographic Break

Top photos of 2008 It’s not all work and no fun here at b2b2dot0.  A good friend of mine just sent me a link to these awesome photographs.  As an amateur photographer myself, I couldn’t resist sharing this with all … Continued
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