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January 2009

SAP preemptively lays off 3000

SAP cuts 6% of workforce These really are crazy economic times.  I can understand it when companies like Kodak, Starbucks, Caterpillar and CitiCorp announce layoffs.  Noone is buying their products or they’ve dug themselves into such a deep hole that … Continued
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6 Things SaaS Needs to do in 2009

SaaS developments 2009 Information Week published this article today with the sub-heading of: Software as a service is making headway, but can’t yet be called a game-changer in the enterprise software market. Here’s what must happen for SaaS to gain … Continued
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Two mouse clicks in Shanghai…

…generate a buzz in Raleigh and Zurich. This post will recount two parallel stories in Rashomon style that transpired last week.  One version is from the perspective of a user in Shanghai, China and the other is b2b2dot0’s “behind the … Continued
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An hour a day keeps entropy at bay.

How we fight entropy Keeping a company focused is quite challenging, especially a dynamic one like ours.  There are an infinite number of things to be done and, by definition, never enough time to get them done in.
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