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December 2007

Lean Principles – Customer value

How b2b2dot0 runs lean b2b2dot0 embraces the five major imperatives of the Lean methodology: Define customer value – Define not only what our customers value, but what their customers value as well. Create pull – Establish a demand for our … Continued
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Quick…what does b2b2dot0 do?

b2b2dot0 in a nutshell We provide a hosted migration path for the old HAHT Order Management (OM) customers*. We provide a hosted B2B Sellside Web Order Management solution for Suppliers running SAP. The first answer is instantly understood by only … Continued
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Welcome to TheAgileStartup

The Launch of B2B2dot0 (now Corevist) The preliminaries are now out of the way.  For the last six months, my partners and I (Joe Pryor and Adrian Zehnder), have been trying to do everything in our power to dissuade ourselves … Continued
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Google to the rescue

What was his name? He was the IT Director at one of our first customers.  In fact, what was their name?  I know they used our product to help them with their rock business.  They were in the construction industry.  … Continued
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