How do you enroll and support 50,000 new, small-volume dealers annually without creating an administrative nightmare?

Automate it.

tng worldwide — a global manufacturer and distributor of professional beauty supplies — supports an enormous number of B2B dealers that behave more like B2C customers.

Most of tng’s dealers own and operate nail salons, hair salons and beauty supply shops.  Many are first-time buyers and place small orders of $100 or less. Repeat buyers may only come back once or twice in a year.

tng wanted an eCommerce site –  integrated with real-time SAP data – that could automate the processing of thousands of new, first-time B2B buyers and enforce custom business rules.

Our solution needed to work with the following:

  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • Client’s branding guidelines
  • We created web service calls between Corevist and SAP so that new web customers are simultaneously created as a new sold-to account in SAP.
  • Enabled newly registered B2B customers to shop, add items to the cart and checkout without any automatic delivery processing.  Instead, web orders from new customers are placed on a delivery block, pending validation of business rules.
  • Added the ability for customers to change their shipping or billing address during checkout.  Similar to a B2C shopping experience, users can add one or more delivery addresses and specify their default location.
  • Automated the new dealer recruitment process
  • Significantly reduced the administrative costs of processing orders from new B2B customers
  • Removed repetitive data entry tasks from the customer service and sale staff (freeing them up to more attention to large volume, enterprise-level customers)

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