Launch the perfect SAP webshop for your customers

Delight your buyers with easy self-service and accurate personalization from SAP. An integrated webshop drives revenue growth and efficiency.

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Grow sales and loyalty with a great SAP webshop

SAP companies often depend on phone, fax, and email for order placement and customer service. But 85% of today’s buyers will abandon a supplier with a bad digital experience.

A webshop solves this problem. With a product catalog, personalized pricing, self-service ordering, and seamless order tracking, a webshop offers the modern customer experience that your buyers need.

When you couple it with built-in SAP integration, your webshop serves your customers without creating new IT burdens. That’s the thinking behind Corevist Commerce Cloud.

Cover all the bases with an SAP webshop

Amazon-style catalogs

Grow sales and drive loyalty with best-in-class product catalog browsing.

Real-time price & inventory

A webshop gives customers and reps total transparency on price and inventory quantities.

Easy online ordering

End phone, fax, & email ordering with easy web ordering that’s fully personalized.

Seamless digital payments

Reduce DSO through self-service digital payment workflows within your SAP webshop.

Self-service tracking

Empower customers to track orders and invoices on any device, no phone calls needed.

Your webshop, built for SAP ERP


Whether you’re keeping your legacy ERP or planning a migration, we’ve got you covered.

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Whether you’ve already implemented S/4HANA or you’re migrating soon, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Corevist for your SAP webshop?

No one else takes our approach to SAP web ordering:

✓ Day One Integrated. Our webshop platform is integrated to your SAP system on Day 1. No duplication or synchronization of data required.

✓ Launch it tomorrow. Because we’re integrated on Day 1, we spend the project refining the solution for your specific webshop needs, maximizing the value of your implementation.

✓ We’ve got your back. As a full-stack provider of managed webshops, we stick around for the duration of your web channel. Your success is our success.

Other SAP webshop solutions sit on top of costly existing processes. They don’t replace them.

Only Corevist replaces inefficient workflows in your OTC (order-to-cash) cycle.

  • If you don’t have an SAP webshop, our prebuilt integration eliminates the expense of order entry for phone/fax/email orders.
  • If you have a webshop without SAP integration, our solution cuts the expense of retyping webshop orders into SAP.
  • If you have a webshop with middleware integration, our solution eliminates the cost of multiple teams supporting your webshop, middleware, and SAP.

Benefits of a webshop with SAP integration:

✔ Give customers the ordering experience they want

In the post-COVID world, buyers demand an easy way to order online. Corevist leverages all your SAP assets for web transactions, so you can offer a great customer experience with minimal effort from your IT team.

✔ Transform your business for the digital age

Launching an SAP webshop forces your organization to adopt a customer-centric mindset. The ripple effects across all departments help eliminate inefficiencies, strengthening you for ongoing transformation.

✔ Sell online without increasing your IT burden

Other SAP webshop solutions place a new burden on your IT team to maintain the integration. Corevist’s managed, integrated solution requires only one system of record—SAP. That means your IT team doesn’t take on any new ongoing work.

✔ Scale easily for multiple brands/geographies

Because Corevist’s SAP webshop integration is templatized, you can reuse your existing architecture to launch new webshops for multiple brands/geographies—all without making duplicate investments in architecture.

✔ Rest easy at night

Because we manage the entire technology stack, you don’t have to track down bugs or coordinate with multiple vendors. When it comes to SAP webshops, we’ve got your back.

Case Study:

  • Forestry equipment manufacturing
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • IT couldn’t take on new work

Blount International needed a scalable SAP web ordering solution for ECC. They needed multiple webshops for different brands—and they couldn’t create any new work or their IT team. SAP integration was essential.

Learn how Corevist delivered 325% revenue growth
in Blount’s new web channel.

Essential SAP webshop features:

We deliver critical components of customer experience through SAP integration:

✔ 100% accurate inventory in real time

If your SAP webshop doesn’t offer real-time inventory, customers won’t have the confidence they need to pull the trigger. Corevist webshops pull inventory from SAP in real time.

✔ 100% accurate contract pricing

If your SAP webshop doesn’t offer personalized pricing, customers will have to call in to check prices and place orders over the phone. Corevist pulls personalized pricing from SAP in real time.

✔ 100% error-free web order posting to SAP

Corevist webshops only allow error-free orders to post to SAP. If the order contains errors, Corevist returns error messaging so the user can fix the problem, then place the order.

✔ 100% accurate credit status in real time

If your SAP webshop doesn’t provide real-time credit status, customers won’t know if the order will go on credit block. Corevist pulls credit status from SAP in real time.

✔ 100% accurate order tracking/status from SAP

Without order tracking/status/history in your webshop, customers will call in for updates, driving up your cost to serve. Corevist pulls full order history & details from SAP in real time.

That’s only the beginning of our SAP webshop integration.

For all the details, see our 49
webshop integration points for ECC, S/4HANA, & more:

Webshop Integration to SAP

What you need to know

For companies that depend on SAP, not all webshop solutions are created equal. In fact, webshop platforms fall into two main buckets:

1. “Webshop first,” with SAP integration left as an afterthought.

2. “SAP integration first,” with a webshop platform built on top of it.

Let’s unpack each of these.

1. Webshop first, with SAP integration as an afterthought

All conventional platforms fall into this category. Because they address the generic webshop market (in which many potential customers don’t have SAP ERP), they rely on 3rd party connectors and middleware to handle interaction with SAP.

Unfortunately, that means SAP integration ends up as an afterthought. The webshop platform will require duplication and synchronization of all SAP data and business rules. The middleware solution (or connector) will require the same duplication of business rules so it can synchronize data without errors.

We’ve talked to many organizations who’ve adopted this architecture and found that it wasn’t sustainable over time. Every update to SAP business rules will require an update to the corresponding business rules in the middleware system and the webshop system. This makes the organization dependent on three separate teams (several of which may be outsourced): the SAP team, the middleware team, and the webshop team.

2. SAP integration first, webshop platform built on top of it.

In contrast, Corevist requires only your existing SAP team and our team, which manages all aspects of the webshop (including SAP integration).

Our solution is built on SAP integration that accommodates all standard configurations in S/4HANA and ECC. Because we start with real-time, direct SAP integration, our solution keeps SAP as the system of record and doesn’t introduce additional systems (which would require) duplication and synchronization). With Corevist for your SAP webshop, you’ll have only one system of record—SAP. Your Corevist solution automatically reflects your real-time SAP data, and enforces your SAP business rules.

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