How A Global Paint Seller Lets Shop Floor Workers Assemble Orders Without Seeing Pricing

The internet lives to liberate information and disseminate it freely, but businesses compete by protecting their intellectual property.

Can you rectify these competing needs in your SAP B2B eCommerce store?

Can you display pricing to executives and managers alone while still allowing entry-level workers to create orders?

Can you protect your pricing strategically?

Yes to all of the above! This is the story of a client who found a happy medium–a way to control the flow of pricing information within customer organizations that satisfies everyone involved.

Download this case study to see:

  • How Corevist mapped B2B eCommerce user hierarchies to reflect the roles and privileges held by real people working for our client’s customers.
  • How order creation and approval processes hide pricing from workers who change jobs frequently.
  • How role-based eCommerce accounts transition smoothly when a new worker takes over a job at one of our client’s customers.
  • How real-time eCommerce integration to SAP eliminates the need for constant updates to user accounts.

Download the case study