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It’s tough to sell replacement parts online.

While parts catalog software offers the exploded diagrams your buyers want, you need a way to get that order into SAP. Without SAP-integrated online ordering attached to your parts catalog, customers will continue to use costly, error-prone ordering methods like phone, fax, and email.

What if your customers could select parts in the interactive parts catalog of your choice, then punch out to an SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce solution to complete the transaction?

Let’s integrate your parts catalog
software with the Corevist Platform.

Seamless parts selection and order placement

The Corevist Platform is a full B2B eCommerce suite built on direct, real-time integration to SAP. When integrated with an electronic parts catalog solution, Corevist completes the buyer journey which began with visual parts selection.

Buyers can add parts directly to the Corevist cart from your interactive catalog, then punch out to Corevist to place orders and manage accounts in a portal that offers 100% personalization through SAP integration.

Your new spare parts user experience:

1. Find the right part

Buyers browse parts in your chosen solution for exploded diagrams.

2. Add SKUs to cart

Within your parts catalog software, buyers click to add the parts to the cart, which takes them to the Corevist Platform.

3. Place the order

The Corevist Platform posts orders instantly to SAP, 100% error-free, with all the relevant business rules enforced (including customer-specific personalization).

4. Track & pay

Customers can get order history, status, & tracking within Corevist, straight from SAP. Digital invoice payments supported, too.


✔ Increase spare parts sales

With an easy parts buying experience that removes friction and confusion, customers will buy more.

✔ Increase customer satisfaction

Customers will return to your portal as a trustworthy source that helps them buy the right part, every time.

✔ Reduce or eliminate order errors

Corevist posts 100% error-free orders to SAP, reducing the burden on your Customer Service team.

Don’t have a parts catalog yet?

Corevist can help.

If you’re not sure where to turn, schedule a call. We can recommend a vendor for your interactive parts catalog solution.

Vendors supported:

  • ARI
  • Documoto
  • Your preferred vendor

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