How Today’s Packaging Companies Create Seamless Ordering Lifecycles

Packaging companies face unique challenges when it comes to ordering lifecycles. SAP ERP should be your one source of truth, yet due to the complexity of the order-to-cash process, crucial information often lives in sticky notes on your employees’ monitors—or worse, in their heads.

That’s why today’s packaging companies are pursuing strategies that marry a self-service customer portal with SAP ERP data cleansing.

In this whitepaper, we’ll look at 5 components of a smart transformation plan that you can use to pursue this strategy.

  1. Plan to launch a customer portal in phases
  2. Plan to end your dependence on tribal knowledge
  3. Plan to cleanse your SAP ERP data as you go
  4. Plan to automate email PO’s
  5. Plan to offer true self-service order placement

We’ll also cover a crucial question: Is this the end of customer service?

Download the whitepaper to get the answer and start planning to elevate your customer service reps to more sophisticated tasks.

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