Launching your first B2B eCommerce solution?

Here’s what you need to know.

Manufacturers struggle with B2B eCommerce platforms for two reasons:

  • High cost
  • Lack of true B2B features

Watch the video, and we’ll help you avoid these pitfalls in your project.

The world is changing. Manufacturers’ customers want eCommerce.

75% of B2B buyers go online to purchase products, while 62% turn to the web for product research.

Millennials alone make the largest portion of their purchases (38%) directly from manufacturers, over e-marketplaces and distributors.

Manufacturers need to launch eCommerce, both to retain existing customers, and to land new ones.

Yet most “B2B” platforms are actually B2C solutions which don’t work for manufacturers.

B2C platforms weren’t built to map the complexity of manufacturers’ transactions. These platforms struggle to offer critical features like contract/scaled pricing, real-time inventory from the ERP, product restriction by customer, multiple ship-to/sold-to, and more.

The Corevist Platform is different.

We built the Corevist Platform from the ground up, on top of SAP ERP.

Since your ERP business rules drive personalization for each transaction, your ERP is the master system for all business data. That means your eCommerce platform must integrate with the ERP in real time.

This is the Corevist Platform model. Our platform includes pre-built, configurable integration to SAP. Our 53 integration points drive every transaction for every user—and they slash your cost of data maintenance.

Your journey, your roadmap.

Our flexible architecture makes it easy to launch the solution you need today—then grow when you’re ready.

Onboard customers with a solution they’ll use all the time, like Corevist Order Tracking. When you roll out eCommerce within the same application, customers have already bought in. They’ll see the additional value right away, which makes it easier to transition existing business to B2B eCommerce.

Features built specifically for manufacturers

We offer critical B2B functionality through SAP integration.

✔ Real-time from SAP:

Personalized catalog
Personalized pricing
Personalized discounts/promos
Personalized ATP
Rich content for products
Related products
Alternate units of measure
Requested delivery dates
Order, shipment, & credit status
View/pay open items & invoices
Multiple shipping locations
Multi-customer management
Instant online ordering
Smart SKU subsitution
Product comparison
Product reviews
Clickable parts diagrams (optional)
CPQ configure/price/quote (optional)

B2B eCommerce that fits your market (and your goals).

Manufacturers have unique needs when it comes to eCommerce. Your customers who aren’t on EDI need an easier way to do business with you—an experience that’s more seamless than phone/fax/email ordering. Not only does eCommerce meet their needs, but it gives you a digital growth engine to drive revenue and expand your market footprint.

Our solution is designed to:

  • Transition existing business from phone/fax/email to eCommerce.
  • Grow revenue by reaching new potential customers through eCommerce.

Corevist works for real manufacturers.

Whether the primary goal is to grow revenue, or to
move off phone/fax/email, our clients achieve both:

PARI Respiratory

This medical manufacturer needed to move existing business from phone/fax/email to eCommerce. Corevist empowered the transition and grew digital revenue 39.2%.

Oregon Tool

This forestry manufacturer needed to transition to digital interaction with dealers and distributors. Corevist supplied the new web channel, where revenue has grown 325%.

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