Magento excels
for B2B eCommerce.


But how do you leverage Magento’s B2B benefits without rebuilding
your ERP investment in eCommerce?

We’ve got a solution.

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B2B E-commerce Platform Solutions | ERP-integrated | Corevist

Magento is a great choice for B2B eCommerce.

There’s a reason Magento has 12% of the eCommerce market. The platform is powerful, flexible, and meets the needs of today’s eCommerce buyers.

But Magento lacks some essential B2B eCommerce functionality. In the latest Magic Quadrant report, Gartner says:

“Although approximately 40% of Magento clients today use the vendor to serve B2B commerce, the platform currently lacks major B2B functions such as out-of-the-box workflow approvals, contract-specific terms and role-based spending limits.”

You’ve already built this functionality in your ERP system.

Complex business rules are the bread-and-butter of your ERP. They’re the reason you have an ERP system in the first place.

For manufacturers considering Magento for B2B, the question arises:

How can we leverage our SAP business rules in Magento?

Magento B2B eCommerce requires direct, real-time integration to SAP ERP

Welcome to Corevist Commerce.

Corevist Commerce is a B2B web channel solution, fully integrated to SAP, with Magento for catalog and rich content.

We bring the power of your SAP ERP business rules to Magento, and we use our own SAP-integrated cart, checkout, order tracking, and invoice payment functionality to complete the B2B buyer journey.

You get the power of Magento for B2B product content and merchandising, coupled with the personalization which you’ve already built out in SAP ERP.

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Case Study:


  • Agricultural and forestry equipment manufacturer
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • IT staff already at capacity

Blount International needed to launch a B2B ecommerce solution in multiple geographies—without increasing their IT workload. They knew an ERP-integrated solution was the key.

Learn how Corevist delivered
325% revenue growth.


Benefits of Magento B2B eCommerce on Corevist:

✔ Leverage your SAP data for Magento B2B


Our prebuilt SAP integration brings the power of your business rules to your Magento B2B eCommerce solution.

✔ Simplify your order-to-cash cycle


Leverage Magento’s user experience for B2B, with SAP integration, for seamless self-serve ordering.

✔ Gain deep customer insight


Get real-time data on shifting customer preferences to forecast future changes in your demand chain.

Only Corevist brings essential
B2B features to Magento:


Magento B2B eCommerce | Real-time inventory availability thru Corevist

Live inventory/ATP calculations by customer

Magento B2B eCommerce can’t help customers if inventory data is out-of-date. While batch sync can provide updates, it can’t do so in real time. Only Corevist brings live, personalized ATP calculations to each and every customer.

Magento B2B eCommerce | Dynamic contract pricing from SAP thru Corevist

100% accurate, personalized pricing by customer

You’ve invested in complex, customer-specific pricing rules in SAP. Why rebuild all that complexity in Magento for B2B? Only Corevist brings your dynamic, customer-specific SAP pricing rules to the web store in real time.

Magento B2B eCommerce with 100% error-free order posting to SAP

100% error-free B2B order posting from Magento to SAP

No other Magento B2B eCommerce solution offers 100% error-free order posting. Only Corevist simulates orders against the customer’s business rules in SAP, offers intelligent error messaging, and empowers users to post error-free orders to SAP in real time.

Magento B2B eCommerce with self-service e-payments integrated to SAP

SAP-integrated digital payments

It’s not enough for customers to place orders in Magento B2B. They also need the ability to see open invoices (and pay them off). That way, they keep their accounts in good standing. Only Corevist allows Magento users to pay off invoices and post transactions instantly to SAP.

Magento B2B eCommerce | Order tracking direct from SAP | Corevist

Real-time order tracking and history from SAP

It’s not enough to give B2B buyers their Magento order history. Customers may place orders through many channels, and they need access to their entire order history—including phone, fax, email, and EDI orders. Only Corevist provides this full history in real time from SAP.

That’s only the beginning.


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Magento B2B eCommerce | Integrated to SAP in real time | Corevist, Inc.

Launch Magento B2B eCommerce
with a net efficiency gain.

Magento B2B eCommerce on Corevist | Net Efficiency Gain | Real-time SAP Integration

Only Corevist eliminates cost in your order entry process.

All other solutions for Magento B2B eCommerce will introduce a 3rd party transferring data between Magento and SAP. Whether it’s human or machine, that 3rd party will increase the cost and complexity of maintaining a clean OTC cycle in a Magento B2B eCommerce scenario.

Compared to both alternatives, Corevist offers a net efficiency gain:

  • Standalone Magento solution: Corevist eliminates costly manual order entry.
  • Magento for B2B with middleware: Corevist eliminates the risk and high cost of batch synchronization.

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