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SAP Hybris vs. Magento In A Nutshell.


If you’re comparing SAP hybris vs. Magento, consider this: hybris doesn’t include SAP integration out of the box. That has far-reaching consequences for implementation cost, time to market, user experience, and more.

As an alternative, Corevist integrates Magento to SAP. As a managed solution partner, we provide everything you need for ecommerce: The platform (Magento), implementation, support, and ongoing growth consulting.


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Magento vs. hybris

Here are the details:


Corevist + Magentohybris
Open Source?Yes/NoNo
Out of the box?YesYes


Corevist + Magentohybris
Content management systemYesYes
Mobile friendlyYesYes
User behavior analyticsYesNo
Real-time SAP integrationYesNo
GDPR compliantYesUnknown


Corevist + Magentohybris
Real-time SAP-integrated customer dashboardYesNo
Real-time SAP CPQ configuratorYesNo


Corevist + Magentohybris
Implementation cost$180k$880k
Annual cost of ownership$42k – $240k$1.9M
Transaction feesNoNo
Time to market<90 days9-18 months

Source: B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison Chart

Let’s look at Magento vs. hybris.


Whether you’re comparing hybris to Magento Community Edition or Enterprise, Corevist handles your entire Magento solution, including our out-of-the-box SAP integration.


Community Edition is Magento’s open source offering, while Enterprise is the company’s licensed SaaS version. Either way, if you’re looking at SAP hybris vs. Magento, Corevist’s managed solution is your path to Magento ecommerce with full SAP integration. We cover the entire customer journey, from a Magento catalog to checkout, self-service e-payments, and customer dashboard with full order history regardless of channel—all with real-time SAP data. You won’t find that in hybris out of the box.


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Magento vs. Hybris:

How is the Corevist solution different?

With real-time SAP integration, we extend Magento to cover all 4 steps of the customer journey.

1. World-Class Magento Browsing

If you’re evaluating SAP hybris vs. Magento, you know you need powerful, intelligent browsing capabilities. With a Magento catalog integrated to SAP in real time, Corevist Commerce offers world-class user experience for your customers. Give them rich content, intelligent search, and cross-selling/upselling for related products—all in a beautiful, easy-to-use front end design that’s fully customizable and mobile-friendly.


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2. Corevist Commerce Cart

Your customers need live SAP data in the cart when they go to modify and place orders. The Corevist Cart extends your user experience beyond the Magento catalog to a cart solution that’s built specifically for manufacturers. With a crystal-clear window into your SAP ordering rules, the Corevist Cart allows your users to:

  • Get real-time pricing and minimum quantities
  • Place quotes and orders online
  • See real-time availability of products
  • Save shopping carts for frequent orders
  • Bulk upload CSV files for complex orders
  • Offer self-service product configuration with our web store product configurator.


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3. Corevist Commerce Electronic Payments

With real-time electronic payments, Corevist Commerce empowers users to pay for orders and manage their accounts through self-service. Users can pay instantly via credit card, ACH transfer, invoice. Electronic payments are crucial to an enterprise ecommerce solution, ensuring your buyers can complete their orders without friction.

With real-time data on their account standing (straight from SAP), users can also pay down outstanding invoices, too. This allows them to get their account back into good standing to place new orders.


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4. Corevist Commerce Customer Dashboard

The Corevist Customer Dashboard offers 24×7 order status visibility to your customers—regardless of how the order was placed. Thisf rounds out your Corevist Commerce solution with self-service order tracking. Give your current customers, dealers, distributors and sales reps the ability to:

  • track open orders from all channels (ecommerce, email, phone, fax, EDI)
  • analyze their purchasing history with you
  • see open invoices and account balances
  • download and reprint order related documents.


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That’s 4 simple steps for your customers:


Your Magento users are validated against information in SAP® at login. Once logged in, your customers only see what they’re supposed to see… based on the business rules you set in SAP®.


Even if you manufacture and support multiple brands, your Magento ecommerce users will see their own personalized online catalog, with the right branding and the appropriate product & price based on SAP®.


Corevist’s ecommerce platform provides a real-time window into your business data in SAP. That means all of the information displayed on your ecommerce site is up to date and accurate in real time.

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Corevist’s ecommerce platform includes a powerful, SAP®-integrated shopping cart and customer dashbaord. This ensures real-time inventory, self-service account management, & more.

Don’t settle for a lack of integration with hybris.


The 4 steps of the customer journey need real-time integration to SAP.

We settle the SAP hybris vs. Magento question with better UX and lower maintenance.

For companies running SAP ERP, most Magento or hybris solutions depend on middleware and batch updates to keep ERP and ecommerce in sync. This is fine for data points with low refresh rates (like SKU attributes, related products, etc). But what about inventory availability and ATP (available to promise) calculations? These are critical for a friction-free customer experience. They change in real time–and they’re just two examples.

Corevist Commerce loads live SAP data in your ecommerce + customer dashboard solution. That means no data duplication, no middleware, and no redundant systems (which drive up the cost of doing business).


We settle the hybris vs. Magento question with real-time SAP data.

Unlike hybris, Magento + Corevist Commerce acts as a window into your SAP system.

No middleware, no friction between ecommerce and ERP—because Corevist Commerce is built SAP-first. That means real-time integration to SAP ERP right out of the box. No data duplication, no batch synchronization, and no order errors.

We support: 

  • SAP All-in-One
  • SAP R/3
  • SAP S/4

When you choose Corevist + Magento over hybris, you get:

Corevist Commerce supports independent user interface design for your Magento storefront(s). That means your design team is free to customize the look and feel of your Magento ecommerce front end to suit your needs.


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Your customers will only see what they’re supposed to see, based on the business rules you set in SAP®. You can create customized micro-catalogs for individual customers or groups of customers. As customers log in, they are automatically routed to the right Magento ecommerce catalog, with the right products and pricing based on your business rules—functionality you won’t get with hybris out of the box.


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Unlike hybris, the Magento + Corevist solution allows your customers to see real-time availability straight from SAP®.  What’s more, web transactions in Magento, unlike hybris, deplete your SAP® inventory in real time. Also, any stock update in SAP® simultaneously updates the stock in your Magento storefront (also not available in hybris out of the box). If an item is out of stock, and an estimated arrival date exists in SAP®, you can choose to show that to your web customers.


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Our SAP®-integrated shopping cart and checkout process ensures that all SAP® ordering rules, freight and tax calculations are executed as transactions are processed, in real time — eliminating any errors or data inconsistencies.


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Informed customers are satisfied customers. Give your dealers, distributors and sales reps real-time, self-service access to the questions they ask the most, like “Where is my order?”, “When will it arrive?”, and “Can I have another copy of that invoice?”.


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Special Prices or discounts for a particular period can be assigned to particular customers, customer groups, items, or item groups from SAP® and immediately reflected in your Magento storefront and the Corevist Cart.

Discounts made in the web shop are taken into account in SAP® and reflected on the sales order.


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Using our system, your customers can pay open invoices using e-check, ACH, or a credit card and payments are posted directly in SAP®.


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Corevist’s cloud-based solution enables you to have your new web sales channel up and running in a short time. With minimal up-front implementation costs, your ROI becomes achievable in a few months through Corevist + Magento, as opposed to hybris, which typically has 9-18mo. implementation times.

Once Corevist establishes a secure connection to your SAP® system, we leverage all of the work you have done and ensure that SAP® remains your system of record.

Our servers are colocated at Windstream, a SSAE 16, SOC 1, Type II compliant data center. Windstream’s data centers are built to a 2N power distribution design standard and feature dedicated redundant elements from top to bottom.

We establish a secure HTTPS connection with your customers, provide a fully redundant, no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure, and connect with you via a secure virtual private network. Our Service Level Agreement includes a guarantee of 99.9% up time.


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“The solution is easy and quick to implement, with a great integration with SAP. The Corevist team provides great support and engagement on projects.”


–Jean-Marie Genicot, European IS Mgr., BLOUNT Europe SA


Real manufacturers choose Corevist + Magento vs. hybris.


Blount International needed to get online with e-commerce. Their customers, distributors, and dealers all wanted an easier way to order. World-class ecommerce + dashboard, real-time integration to SAP—Blount needed it all.


Learn how Corevist Commerce delivered.



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