How To Improve Your Customer Experience and Increase Sales

Manufacturers: Are you hard to buy from?

With today’s technology, people everywhere expect that buying things – even complicated things – will be so easy. That’s true with your customers. They think that buying from you should be like buying from their favorite online retailer.

Effective digital self-service has evolved into a must-have part of the manufacturing customer experience.

The good news is that your customers’ desire for fast and easy digital purchasing and customer services presents an incredible opportunity for your business.

But how is B2B eCommerce different from B2C eCommerce? What should you try to emulate from the best B2C eCommerce experiences and what should you ignore? What is something you have to offer with your B2B eCommerce that popular B2C websites don’t?

We’ve got the answers – step by step.

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George Anderson has been studying and writing about manufacturing eCommerce for more than five years. His articles about B2B eCommerce can be read on top websites all over the Internet and he is considered a leading thinker in the area of B2B eCommerce.

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