Empower your customers to order online.

Ready to end phone, fax, and email ordering in 60 days?

Corevist Grow is the comprehensive B2B portal you need.

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Are you hard to do business with?

Be honest. Are your customers and reps suffering from these problems?  

  • No self-service option to check price and availability
  • No self-service option for ordering
  • Frequent order errors and follow-ups
  • Reordering that creates redundant work
  • No automated process for handling email orders
  • Phone calls required to track orders, shipments, and invoices

Things were hard before COVID. Now they’ve gotten worse. Customers want to do business online, and your reps need a break.

What are you going to do about it?

Welcome to Corevist Grow.

The comprehensive B2B portal you need.

Empower your customers with self-service for every step of their journey.

  • Price and availability checks
  • Quote request and conversion to order
  • Online ordering by SKU number or CSV upload
  • Status checks for orders, shipments, and invoices
  • Full history of orders, invoices, and payments

A B2B portal will transform your operations. Customers will love doing business with you, and you’ll relieve the burden on your reps.

You can get Corevist Grow in 60 days. Since the Corevist Platform is a managed solution with prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after GoLive.
Corevist's eCommerce solutions | SAP certified on S/4HANA and NetWeaver | Corevist, Inc.

Delight your customers without
undertaking a massive project.

“All of the other solutions we reviewed required a huge dollar investment and more than a year to implement. We just couldn’t see the ROI with those other vendors. The projects were too long, too complex and too expensive.”

—Jane Mascia, LORD Corporation

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Grow with clear paths to digital maturity.

You can stick with Grow—or scale up when you’re ready. As a managed solution, the Corevist Platform offers numerous entry points PLUS easy expansion to full-featured B2B eCommerce.

Check out our most popular growth journeys.

Start with Launch

Not ready for online ordering? Corevist Launch offers order and invoice tracking. You can stick with Launch or expand to Grow when you’re ready.

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Add online payments

Empower customers to pay off their invoices online via ACH. You’ll get paid faster and reduce your dependence on costly, paper-based processes.

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Upgrade to Corevist Scale

Get everything from Grow plus rich product content, configurable products, related products, advanced features, and 3rd-party integrations.

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Conquer your email order problem.

Let’s face it, some customers will keep emailing your reps to place orders. That’s why we created our BuyBot add-on for Corevist Grow. This utility posts error-free PDF orders to SAP and routes problem orders to customer service for review.

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ROI looks different
on the Corevist Platform.

Managed. Fully integrated. Clear timelines for ROI.

Calculate your return on investment with Corevist.

Calculate your ROI

Simplify every step of your customer journey.

☛ Do customers have to call for pricing and availability?

Corevist Grow provides real-time, personalized pricing and availability for each customer—straight from SAP.

☛ Do customers have to send an email to request a quote?

Customers can submit quote requests through Corevist Grow. After reps approve them in SAP, customers can convert quotes to orders and place them within Corevist Grow.

☛ Do customers have to call or email to place an order?

Corevist Grow posts orders instantly to SAP, error free, with all personalized business rules enforced.

☛ Do customers have to start from scratch when reordering?

Corevist Grow lets customers save their carts for easy repeat orders.

☛ Do customers build orders in their own procurement systems?

Corevist Grow makes it easy to upload an order in CSV file format and place the order with one click.

☛ Do customers have to call for order status, tracking, or invoice history?

Corevist Grow displays real-time status for every order, line item, invoice, and shipment, straight from SAP.

Get the B2B portal you need without burdening IT.

Managed | SaaS | Fully integrated

The Corevist Platform includes prebuilt, real-time SAP integration that’s fully configurable. Because it’s integrated right out of the box, you don’t need 3rd-party connectors or additional vendors. And since the Corevist Platform is a managed solution, it doesn’t require in-house resources running it.

In other words, your IT team will love us.

If you’re migrating to S/4HANA, you’re in luck. Corevist’s integration follows you from ECC—with minimal IT involvement. Why wait to solve your customer service problem?
Corevist's eCommerce solutions | SAP certified on S/4HANA and NetWeaver | Corevist, Inc.

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