Learn how Bioventus was able to successfully roll out an eCommerce solution, thanks to buy in from the Sales team


Please join us for this overview of the Bioventus e-commerce journey with Corevist. Bioventus realized that the key to rolling out e-commerce to their customer set was through buy-in from their salesforce. This led to their initial rollout with their salesforce. Brian Poole, Director of IT Architecture at Bioventus, will lead us through stories of how skeptical sales people became believers of their new online ordering capability. The Webinar will include a live demonstration of the Bioventus e-commerce Corevist system.

In the webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Increased salesforce productivity by being able to place orders on behalf of their customers and through greater order visibility
  • Reduced Customer Service Representative time spent on mundane order taking freeing them up for higher value activities
  • Smooth transition to customer e-commerce adoption with salesforce assistance
  • Corevist Commerce catalog features

Watch the webinar