Key B2B Ecommerce Feature

Dynamic SAP Reports

 Real-time, SAP-integrated

Your customers get:

  • Real-time access to your essential reports
  • Total transparency on complex inventory statuses
  • Workflows that are easier than phone, fax, email, & EDI

You get:

  • Support for standard or custom SAP reports
  • Reduced customer service workload
  • Become easier to do business with

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Catalog browsing

B2C-style catalogs educate customers & drive sales. PIM integration supported.


Real-time pricing & availability

Give customers and reps total transparency on price and inventory.


SAP order posting

Build customer trust with perfect orders. No callbacks, no lost orders.


Order tracking

Empower customers to track orders from all channels, no emails or calls required.


Users & translations

Admins get easy access to user controls, translation management, and more.


There’s a whole lot more to Corevist Commerce Cloud.

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