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Enterprise Ecommerce platforms aren’t created equal.

It’s challenging to compare enterprise ecommerce platforms.

Every vendor has a different story, and you might feel like you’re comparing apples to oranges.

At Corevist, we’ve launched enterprise ecommerce solutions for numerous companies since 2008. We’ve come to believe that one question will define the success or failure of your ecommerce channel: Do you have a flawless integration with your ERP system?

Enterprise ecommerce will live or die by ERP integration.

Without ERP integration, your enterprise ecommerce solution can’t provide:

  • Real-time inventory availability
  • All relevant ERP business rules enforced in ecommerce
  • Hands-free, error-free order posting from ecommerce to the ERP

What’s more, enterprise ecommerce without ERP integration will require costly, ongoing data maintenance in 3 separate systems: ecommerce, middleware, and the ERP.

Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms Need ERP Integration.

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Key Point of Comparison:

Missing ERP integration.

Most of the top 6 enterprise ecommerce platforms are built as standalone solutions. ERP integration is an afterthought, not a core design principle.

Bolting on an ERP integration will create a complex, expensive intrastructure with 3 duplicate systems of record (AND 3x the data maintenance):

  • Enterprise ecommerce platform
  • Integration middleware
  • ERP system

What if we took your integration worries off the table?

Imagine launching a solution which includes direct, scalable ERP integration out of the box. You’d eliminate the biggest problems which plague enterprise-grade ecommerce:

  • Your customers would get 100% accurate inventory, contract pricing, omnichannel order history, and more.
  • Your IT team could maintain data in one place (the ERP), creating no additional work for them.
  • Your enterprise ecommerce architecture would be ready to scale up to new brands, geographies, and storefronts without duplicate investment in ERP integration.

Welcome to the Corevist Platform

Ecommerce that’s built for enterprises.

At Corevist, we recognize that enterprise-class ecommerce requires more than a great front-end user experience. What happens to your ecommerce data behind the scenes is just as important—and it can make or break the success of your enterprise ecommerce solution.

That’s why the Corevist Platform includes built-in, scalable integration to SAP ERP, right out of the box.

Enterprise Ecommerce
Needs ERP Integration:

“If you can do it in SAP, that’s where it should stay. We wanted our website to be a reflection of our SAP system, not a recreation of it. And, we wanted a vendor that shared our philosophy.”

–Jane Mascia, Senior Business Systems Analyst, LORD Corporation

Enterprise-Class Ecommerce

ERP-integrated, every step of the way:

1. Enterprise Ecommerce catalog with ERP data

Your users get an intuitive, Amazon-style browsing experience with personalization driven by ERP data:

  • Personalized contract/scaled pricing
  • Personalized ATP/inventory availability
  • Related products, cross-sell, upsell
  • Personalized catalogs and picklists

2. Enterprise Ecommerce cart with ERP data

Your customers get an intuitive cart for modifying and finalizing their orders. All relevant ERP business rules are enforced for a personalized experience:

  • Personalized contract/scaled pricing
  • Personalized ATP/inventory availability
  • RDD date taken from the ERP in real time
  • Smart SKU substitutions and error messages
  • Only 100% error-free orders posted to the ERP

3. Full omnichannel order history from the ERP

Your customers can see all order data, from all channels (ecommerce, EDI, phone, fax, email, etc.), within the enterprise ecommerce solution:

  • Order status from all channels
  • Full order history from all channels
  • Tracking numbers, notifications, and integration with all major carriers
  • Full invoice history

4. Enterprise Ecommerce with self-service payments

Give your customers the ability to pay instantly in the enterprise ecommerce solution. They get:

  • ePayment at time of checkout (credit/debit, ACH, eCheck, Paypal, and more)
  • Ability to select and pay down invoices via ePayment
  • Real-time credit status
  • Month-end statement

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