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Corevist Commerce integrates with the parts catalog software of your choice. Easy ordering from exploded diagrams, plus hands-free SAP integration for ECC or S/4HANA.

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Parts Catalog Software - The eCommerce Challenge with SAP Integration | Corevist, Inc.

It’s tough to sell replacement parts online.

While parts catalog software offers the exploded diagrams your buyers want, you need a way to filter each customer’s experience for relevant SKUs—and you still have to get that order into SAP. Without SAP-integrated online ordering attached to your parts catalog, customers will continue to use costly ordering methods like phone, fax, and email.

What if you could launch personalized, SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce which includes click-to-order exploded diagrams for replacement parts?

Welcome to Corevist Commerce.

Make it easy to buy spare parts, from start to finish.

Corevist Commerce is a full B2B eCommerce suite built on direct, real-time integration to SAP. When integrated with an electronic parts catalog from ARI, Documoto, or another leading vendor, Corevist offers a one-stop shop for your buyers to find the right parts, place orders, and manage accounts, all in a portal that offers 100% personalization through SAP integration.

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Parts catalog software +
online ordering.

Your 1-stop shop for parts buying & account management

Corevist Commerce gives your buyers everything they need to purchase parts from interactive diagrams, then manage their accounts—all in a single online portal:

  • Interactive, electronic parts catalog software
  • 100% personalized experience driven by customer’s SAP business rules
  • 100% accurate contract pricing straight from SAP
  • 100% accurate inventory/ATP straight from SAP
  • Full order history, invoice payments, and more

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Electronic Parts Catalog Software Features:

– Click-to-order exploded parts diagrams

– Real-time spare parts inventory pulled from SAP

– Cross-selling & upselling

– Product attributes pulled automatically from SAP

– Product comparison

– Personalized catalog capabilities

– Pricing pulled automatically from SAP

– Intelligent Search

Electronic parts catalog vendors supported:

– ARI parts catalogs

– Documoto

– Your preferred vendor

Spare Parts Catalog: Architecture Matters


Parts catalog software that interacts with SAP.

Without a real-time integration to SAP, the best electronic parts catalog software in the world won’t deliver an end-to-end purchasing experience. A real-time integration to SAP rounds out your parts catalog solution and simplifies data management.

With Corevist, your spare parts ordering software displays contract pricing, inventory availability, and more—in real-time, straight from SAP.

Wondering what real-time SAP integration could do for your electronic parts catalog? Talk to us!

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Ecommerce Built For Your Marketing Department | SAP Integration Included | Corevist Commerce

Spare Parts Ecommerce:

Want to see what spare parts eCommerce looks like in real life? Download this FREE case study on Bell and Howell. You’ll learn how the company transformed their spare parts business with Corevist Commerce.

“In terms of SAP integration, implementation time, and overall cost, we didn’t find any other vendor that could match Corevist.” –Anubhav Gupta, Dir., SAP Applications, IT Group

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