Easy Spare
Parts Ordering.


Exploded diagrams + click-to-order
make you easier to buy from.


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Click-to-order spare parts diagrams

Cover all 4 steps in spare parts purchasing

1. Interactive Parts Catalog

2. One-Click Add to Cart

3. Easy Spare Parts Checkout

4. Self-Service Dashboard

Make it easy to buy spare parts, from start to finish.

Corevist eParts, our interactive, schematic-based catalog solution, helps your customers buy the right spare parts through 100% self-service.

Plus your buyers can pay for orders and manage their accounts, all without calling Customer Service.

  • Click-to-order spare parts catalogs
  • Easy purchasing for spare parts
  • 100% error-free orders posted to your SAP system
  • Self-service account management



Sell like your distributors do.

Make yourself “sticky” with easy reordering.

“Make it as easy as possible for your customers to purchase spare parts.”

–Joseph Goad | Sales Manager, US

Give your spare parts buyers an interactive catalog. When you become ETDBW (easier to do business with), your customers will come back again and again.

Watch this demo to see Corevist eParts in action. You’ll see a personalized spare parts catalog, easy spare part selection, real-time data from SAP, and much more.

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Electronic Parts Catalog Software Features:

– Click-to-order exploded parts diagrams

– Real-time spare parts inventory pulled from SAP

– Cross-selling & upselling

– Product attributes pulled automatically from SAP

– Product comparison

– Personalized catalog capabilities

– Pricing pulled automatically from SAP

– Intelligent Search

Solve your business problem:

Spare parts buyers expect the seamless, end-to-end ordering experience they get as consumers using ecommerce sites like Amazon.

That’s exactly what Corevist eParts delivers.

As you look at options for electronic parts catalog software, make sure your solution will deliver buyer-relevant data from SAP in real time, in the field. Your customers need this real-time data for account-level personalization like contract/quantity pricing, inventory availability, and more. Accuracy here can make or break the sale.



How do your customers order spare parts today? If they have to look up SKUs in a catalog and call/email/fax Customer Service, you’re spending too much on order fulfillment. You reduce that expense when you give your customers 100% self-service ordering with an interactive spare parts catalog.

See how much you would save:

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In the age of Amazon, parts buyers are starting to feel the friction of looking up spare parts in a print or digital catalog, then calling, emailing, or faxing orders to Customer Service. They want self-service, and they want to buy parts fast, in the field and in the office. They don’t want the hassle of phone calls, order errors, and fax confirmations.

You eliminate this friction when you choose Corevist eParts for your interactive spare parts catalog.

The result? You become easier to buy from, which future-proofs your business for the continual evolution of B2B.



Spare Parts Ecommerce:

See a real-life example

Curious what spare parts ecommerce looks like in real life? Download this FREE case study on Bell & Howell. You’ll learn how the company transformed their spare parts business with Corevist Commerce.

“In terms of SAP integration, implementation time, and overall cost, we didn’t find any other vendor that could match Corevist.” –Anubhav Gupta, Dir., SAP Applications, IT Group

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Spare Parts Catalog: Architecture Matters


Parts catalog software that interacts with SAP.

Without a real-time integration to SAP, the best electronic parts catalog software in the world still won’t solve all your problems.

A real-time integration to SAP rounds out the user experience your customers desperately need–plus it simplifies your internal data management.

With Corevist eParts, your spare parts ordering software displays real-time data from SAP:

  • Contract pricing
  • Scaled pricing by quantity
  • Inventory availability
  • And more

Wondering what real-time SAP integration could do for your electronic parts catalog? Schedule a free, 15-minute demo, no strings attached to see Corevist eParts in action.


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