Electronic parts catalog software for your business

Sell like your distributors do, with an interactive parts catalog

If you sell aftermarket parts for major machines, an electronic parts catalog is a must. When you offer click-and-order functionality built into your exploded diagrams, you streamline your ordering process and delight your customers. And with a real-time integration to SAP, your IT staff can rest easy at night.

Spare parts catalog for customers & internal stakeholders

A spare parts catalog is just like any other catalog, right?

Not at all. It’s far more complex.

Many B2B ecommerce solutions get this wrong. In fact, ordering replacement parts is nothing like shopping on Amazon. SKU numbers are confusing and difficult to get right. Your customers have to consult technical manuals, punch in SKU numbers, and map all that abstract information to the machine they’re servicing.

What if you could offer your customers an intuitive parts selection process–one that’s based on the actual structure of the machines they service?

That’s what you get with interactive parts catalog software.  

An interactive electronic technical manual

Sell like your distributors do, with click-to-order functionality

Here’s the problem your customers face in industrial maintenance: they may have an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM), but they can’t place an order from it.

Best case scenario: To place that order, your customers have to navigate to your B2B ordering portal if you have one and type in each SKU number for each replacement part.

Worst case scenario: You don’t have a B2B ordering portal, which means your customers have to contact Customer Service by phone, fax, or email; present a list of SKU numbers; and either work with the agent to get the right parts ordered, or hit “send” and wait for a follow-up call to sort out any errors.

What if you could marry IETM technology to self-service ordering that posts to SAP in real time?

Spare Parts Ecommerce:

See a real-life example

Curious what spare parts ecommerce looks like in real life? Download this FREE case study on Bell & Howell. You’ll learn how the company transformed their spare parts business with Corevist Commerce.

“In terms of SAP integration, implementation time, and overall cost, we didn’t find any other vendor that could match Corevist.” –Anubhav Gupta, Dir., SAP Applications, IT Group

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Spare Parts Catalog: Architecture Matters

Parts catalog software integrated to SAP

Without a real-time integration to SAP, the best electronic parts catalog software in the world still won’t solve all your problems.

A real-time integration to SAP rounds out the user experience your customers desperately need–plus it simplifies your internal data management.

Watch the video to learn how Corevist Commerce is different.

When you launch electronic parts catalog software with an SAP integration, you see immediate benefits:

  • Seamless user experience as customers navigate exploded diagrams with real-time inventory availability for replacement parts.
  • Increased order throughput as you eliminate friction and uncertainty in the parts selection process.
  • Reduced burden on Customer Service as your customers order their own parts, by visual diagrams, in a self-service portal.
  • Increased order accuracy as Corevist’s built in SAP order simulation alerts the customer to order errors (and only accepts 100% SAP-accurate orders).
  • Orders post immediately to SAP, in real time, through your Corevist Commerce portal.
  • Your customers can track replacement parts orders within the Corevist portal, which displays real-time shipment and tracking information from SAP.

Parts catalog software for every industry


Industrial machines require regular maintenance. Ordering the wrong part can throw off maintenance schedules and affect production. Give your customers the intuitive, maintenance-friendly parts catalog they need to keep their major machines running.


Parts catalog software is a great solution for selling replacement auto parts. You can bring all of your auto part data to the web, straight from SAP–including add-on products to accompany replacement parts. With real-time order posting to SAP (plus order tracking for your sales team and your customers), everyone wins.



Replacement parts for forestry products are a great candidate for an electronic parts catalog. For high-turnover parts that wear out fast, your customers can navigate schematic diagrams to select parts visually, then save their cart for 1-click reordering the next time around. Your customers will love the freedom and flexibility that parts catalog software provides. You’ll love the increased revenue, simplified order-to-cash process, and greater market share.



Are agricultural spare parts really appropriate for an electronic parts catalog? Absolutely! In fact, parts catalog software allows your customers to navigate schematic diagrams and place urgent orders for replacement parts–all with immediate posting to your SAP system. With its intuitive, visual workflow, Corevist’s electronic parts catalog lets your customers find what they need and order it–fast.

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