Ecommerce for Distributors

Simplify your Order to Cash Process

Tired of order errors via phone/fax/email?

You’ve come to the right place. Corevist is revolutionizing wholesale ecommerce for distributors. Take your business to the next level with ecommerce that’s tailored to your industry.

With real-time integration to SAP and 100% error-free order posting, what’s not to love?

Distributor Ecommerce – Features & Benefits

Solutions For Every Customer Service Problem.

No doubt about it, the distribution industry has its own unique challenges when it comes to ecommerce. You have a complex catalog, your data lives in SAP, and you definitely don’t need any more phone calls about problem orders.

Can you really bring that all together in an ecommerce platform built for distributors?

Absolutely. We’ll show you how.

Real-time SAP data

Get the most out of your ERP investment. Display SAP data live, in real time, in your distributor ecommerce store. That means One True Truth about inventory, contract pricing, credit limits, and much more.

Why is real-time SAP data so important? It eliminates friction in the ordering process, makes you easier to do business with, and ensures that customers have realistic expectations.

Real-time order posting to SAP

With a real-time wholesale ecommerce solution, your customers can use your self-service ecommerce store to post orders to SAP in real time. No more batch updates between the web store and your ERP system.

What about order errors? Glad you asked. Automated checks let your customers know when they have an error in their cart. In fact, our distributor ecommerce platform won’t let those orders post to SAP until the customer corrects the errors.

CPQ Solutions – Configure, Price, Quote for ecommerce distributors

Selling configurable products as an ecommerce distributor? Corevist offers phenomenal CPQ integration. This allows you to display your configurable products in a self-service ecommerce environment. Your customers can log in, configure products themselves, and request quotes or place orders directly, depending on the needs of your business.

Omnichannel portal for wholesale orders

Ever wished you had a one-stop shop for viewing order data, regardless of how that order was placed? You do–in SAP. With the addition of ecommerce that’s built for distributors, your customers will want to track their own orders. Can you bring that SAP order data to the web in a user-friendly interface?


And let’s be honest—phone, fax, and email orders won’t go away overnight. That may not even be your goal in launching wholesale ecommerce. Wherever your orders come from, you can track them all in one unified portal that reads your SAP data in real time. That’s One True Truth about every order.

Take ePayments as an ecommerce distributor

Want to speed up your order-to-cash process? Why not take credit cards? Extending your payment options makes you easier to do business with as a distributor—and you get paid faster. Your ecommerce customers will love it.

Integrate to Salesforce

(And other 3rd party apps)

Corevist Commerce doesn’t just connect to SAP. You can leverage the same integration to show SAP data live, in real time, in other platforms like Salesforce. For B2B wholesale distributors, that’s a huge win—you can manage accounts using real, live SAP data. That’s One True Truth about each customer account.

Live in your SAP system on Day 1

Tailored in 90 days

Ecommerce for wholesale distributors moves fast. You need to get online ASAP. Good news–Corevist Commerce is built for you. Don’t wait 9-18 months for your distributor ecommerce solution. Corevist Commerce is live and integrated to your SAP system on Day 1. We spend the next 90 days refining the solution to your exact business needs.

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