Purchasing Made Easy

How a beautiful commerce experience, integrated to SAP, eliminated manual order entry.

Before they launched Corevist, CSG took 90% of dealer orders via phone and email. They had an ecommerce site, but lack of SAP integration created inaccurate inventory data, and the site was almost useless. Dealers simply abandoned it.

CSG needed a solution. They needed to reduce manual order entry while offering a best-in-class ecommerce user experience. Magento, integrated to SAP with Corevist, was just the ticket.

Download this case study to see how we helped CSG:

  • Launch a new SAP installation and a new B2B eCommerce site in less than 6 months
  • Process more than $6 million in orders during the first 4 weeks of the site, without a single problem
  • Increase customer satisfaction, drive additional revenue and lower customer service costs

“We were on a path to go live with a new SAP implementation and a new Magento catalog at the same time. And we wanted the two things to be connected with real-time data. We needed help. So, we did a Google search on SAP + Magento and that led us to Corevist.”

Adam Horowitz
Global b2b Manager
Cycling Sports Group

Download the case study