Wholesale Distribution

Distributors face a complex challenge when it comes to ecommerce. Many moving pieces have to converge for accurate ecommerce data and reduced order errors. The good news is that Corevist Commerce is built for distributors. With real-time integration to SAP, omnichannel order management, and more, Corevist Commerce is the ideal platform for wholesale distribution.


Industrial Coatings

If you sell paint, powdercoating, or other coating supplies, it’s worth examining your order-to-cash process. Is phone/fax/email slowing you down? Is it keeping you out of new B2B/B2C hybrid markets? Self-service eCommerce can empower your customers to buy the paints they need, when they need them–and app integrations put hybrid B2B/B2C eCommerce easily within reach.


Industrial Materials

If you sell flooring, roofing, or other construction and finishing materials to contractors, it’s worth looking at your order-to-cash process. Are your customers getting all the value out of your catalog that they could? Are you presenting configurable products with an intuitive, self-service interface? eCommerce enables you to do that and more. A web portal puts purchasing power back in the hands of your customers. It’s what they want.

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SAP eCommerce in the cloud.

We leverage your SAP® system for eCommerce–in real time, with real data, for real people. We minimize batch updates. We display real-time inventory, contract pricing, credit limits, and more in your e-Commerce portal, and we post orders to SAP without a human touch.

We’re integrated with your SAP system on day 1 and spend the next 89 days customizing to your liking.


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