Calculate Your ROI With Corevist

Don’t settle for cost overruns and scope creep.

With prebuilt packages and clear implementation timelines, we make it easy to predict your ROI.


Calculate Your ROI With Corevist

Don’t settle for cost overruns and scope creep.

With prebuilt packages and clear implementation timelines, we make it easy to predict your ROI.

Factors that contribute to ROI

Why do ROI calculations look so good with Corevist?

Numerous factors contribute to the financial health of a B2B portal or eCommerce program. From software to implementation to management, Corevist is designed to maximize each factor.

Here’s what that looks like in detail.

ROI factors in the project phase


How fast can you launch your B2B portal or eCommerce solution?

Alternatives to Corevist typically fall into two camps: those that require customization, and those that are prebuilt but create massive projects. Either way, 6-18 month projects aren’t uncommon in the B2B eCommerce industry.

Corevist is different. Our platform is built to launch with core functionality (tracking for orders and invoices) in 30 days. You can add online ordering and product catalogs when you’re ready. We don’t force you to launch the whole shebang in one rollout. Rather, we empower you to add functionality as you go—after you’ve started to see ROI.

SaaS delivery model

The age of on-premises software is over. Organizations can no longer justify the investment in infrastructure (or the risk that comes along with it).

As a multi-tenant SaaS solution, Corevist allows you leverage our investment—the robust product we’ve already built. We simply spin up your Corevist instance on our existing infrastructure.

We’ve been refining our product and technology stack since 2008. Rather than starting at square one, your organization can leverage our experience (and a product that reflects it).

Prebuilt SAP ERP integration

SAP integration will make or break your project.

It’s the single most complicated aspect of B2B portals and eCommerce—and it’s essential. How can your dealers and distributors do business with you online if you don’t show them personalized data? Things like customer-specific pricing, inventory, and picklists are critical to the web experience. Don’t forget real-time credit status or error-free order posting to SAP.

This functionality (and much more) requires comprehensive, real-time integration to SAP.

While prebuilt connectors exist, they introduce a third system (and a third vendor) to the mix. That drives up the cost of the project and the risk that it will go over budget and miss deadlines.

Corevist eliminates this risk and expense with prebuilt SAP integration included in the product. It’s a huge part of our ROI transparency.

ROI factors after GoLive

Increased revenue

It’s funny what happens when you retire phone, fax, and email ordering. With a B2B portal, customers tend to spend more money.

This is due to numerous factors:

  • The ability to self-educate about products
  • Saved carts that allow easy reordering
  • Easy credit management with self-service invoice payments
  • Merchandising opportunities within the portal or eCommerce
  • Self-service product configuration

Once you start to scale your portal or eCommerce program, you’ll uncover even more growth opportunities. Portals for different product lines, geographies, or languages allow you to reach market segments with targeted experiences. And Corevist’s scalable architecture means you can expand your footprint and revenue without linear cost scaling.

Reduced customer service workload

If you’re relying on phone, fax, and email today for customer service, this factor could be huge.

With customers self-serving for all post-order inquiries, you’ll slash the burden on your customer service staff. Routine questions will no longer require a phone call or email. As customers log in to the B2B portal or eCommerce store and get the info they need, your customer service reps will have more time on their hands. You can turn this around for higher-value tasks, better work/life balance, or a reduction in staffing.

Managed, integrated SaaS solution

Most Corevist clients have no full-time staff dedicated to supporting our platform. This is possible because we manage the solution for you—including the SAP ERP integration. Our contracts give you total clarity on cost forecasting, eliminating the surprises you’ll encounter with a complex architecture and numerous vendors. Over the long haul, these savings return to your bottom line for profit or further investment.

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